Wednesday 28 October 2009

YEA for the younger voices in Council

Council's youth advisory committee has been reinvented as Youth and Engagement Action, or YEA! It's been driven by youth development officer and FaceBook nut, Tanya Brooks-Cooper.

Cairns YEA! will launch its issues papers outlining their solutions to what they perceive as major issues affecting young people and aims to take a fresh look at regional youth issues.

"The launch is significant for the group as it demonstrates its commitment to solving contemporary matters faced by youth and furthers the collective youth voice within the region," Councillor Kirsten Lesina says. “Not only does the paper list youth concerns, it also proposes innovative solutions to help solve these issues."

“This launch will showcase and celebrate their achievements and members believe it will demonstrate that young people – not just the hierarchies of government – can create positive changes.”

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Billy Colless said...

Cairns Yea- is a great group... you should join with them on facebook