Tuesday 20 October 2009

Val Schier's wiki vanalished

Wikipedia, the phenomenal popular community-authored online encyclopedia, has always had it's critics. There's 13 million articles, known as a "wiki" have been written collaboratively by volunteers, and almost all can be edited by anyone.
The Mayor of Cairns, Val Schier, has a page.
Whilst it records Val's Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education from the University of Tasmania, along with her Graduate Diploma of Business Management from the University of Central Queensland, and her ascension to the Cairns mayoralty last year, some of the anti-Val brigade have been busy vandalising the page.
Here's an extract of the malicious text, complete with errors, that was added last week, and since removed...
  • "Val Schier is a complete turkey who can't control herself, let alone a council, let alne a city.

    She wrongly defeated Kevin Byrne in the 2008 local election and has been acting like a complete idiot ever since. Kevin Byrne should still be running the city of Cairns because at least he was a good mayor and knew what he was doing. NOT LIKE SCHIER.

    She an absolute tossup to the city and deserves a taste of her own medicine."

The erroneous entries were done by a Cairns user with the IP address of This address could easily be tracked back to the actual person via their computer connection. Wikipedia tracks every user who makes any changes to the database of information.

Looks like some of KB's nutters are still upset that a woman took the office.

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