Wednesday 28 October 2009

Keep em busy with proportional pepresentation

Looks like the removal of divisional boundaries will happen at the next Council election, if the Labor Government runs the course.

"We now have direct information from the Greens that they have received a commitment from the Premier to consider the introduction of proportional representation in local government," Greg Hallam of the Local Government Association of Queensland said in supporting a further restructure of local Councils in Queensland.

"There has been no formal reference given by the Premier to the Parliamentary Committee," Greg Hallam says. "We expect that to happen in the course of 2010. The LGAQ will keep an eye on developments."

It's a clever yet simple tactic to keep Councils busy reorganising themselves, so they have little time to focus on strategic changes that influence their community. Governments love doing this. It disempowers local elected Councillors and fools them into a false sense of importance.

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