Tuesday 20 October 2009

Cairns media dramas, who's next to go?

There's been a few movements around the local media circles lately.

The last few months of Andrew Webster's leadership at the helm of the Cairns Post, an appointment that many observers have been far from impressed, left us questioning following great promises of "listening to the community" in his inaugural editorials.

Following the departure of the notorious and abusive Gavin King, Webster's "award-winning" Council reporter, Thomas Chamberlin who is on leave, is not coming back to the office. Tom has landed a transfer to the Gold Coast, to work with one of the NewsLtd stable of fine publications.

However, the big news is that Roger Dickson, an experienced journalist and one of the more mature writers at the Cairns Post, has also decided to leave the paper. This is sad as so many of the young journalists don't have an inquiring mind or depth of local issues to explore and articulate.

The story goes that over the last few days he resigned to the Editor via his mobile phone and sent a text message. I wonder if that will appear in the 'TXT Post' column this week?
  • "Andy pandy, thx for the memories. Won't be in on Mon. Got betta offer. Someone who appre8's me more. Luv u long time."
The hallowed studios at Sheridan Street's ABC Far North have also seen recent shake ups.

Any regular listener will notice that the wonderful musco Richard Dinnen is no longer on air. Many rumors have done the rounds over recent months that station manager Bruce Wooley had a far from amicable relationship with the popular drive-time presenter.

Bruce himself, has also departed from ABC Far North, being replaced by an import from Mt Isa.

At WIN TV, Abigail Standbridge, a shining light in local television news reporting, has also departed, reportedly being worn out. Abby has returned to her own home business.


Unknown said...

Mike..It's the media, people are supposed to move around..young Journos are only here for experience. Then they move to relevant places for them. When new people take the helm they generally wash out the old dirty dishes..and if they see a crack or a flaw they do not like then they move em out of sight..it is nothing new. Its like any job some people are okay at what they do and some are lousy and some are past there sale by date and the judge of that talent is the boss of the media organisation..We may not all agree with the boss. Unfortunately we are at the end of the line here in Cairns so it is hardly a place an ambitious talented Radio/TV Presenter or Journo wants to get stuck in for to long..Us older types who have seen a bit of life know we a have arrived at where we want to live and be.

Jonkey said...

Well said, Howard.

It's just Michael P Moore stirring up fear and loathing for our local media ... again.

Man, it's getting pretty tiresome.

You'd think Cairns' self-appointed bastion of moral high-horsery would find another target but he appears to be just as vapid, shallow and narrow-minded as the people he attacks on a regular basis.

This blog has, or had, an opportunity to produce some good quality, balanced reporting on issues that the mainstream media tend to devote little attention to. Sadly, though, your pixels and mine have been devoted to the exercising of petty vendettas.

nocturnal congress said...

Jonkey, Mike's blog has indeed produced "some good quality, balanced reporting on issues that the mainstream media tend to devote little attention to." Proof of the pudding is in the numbers of people visiting the blog. Methinks you might be a wee bit envious and full of catpiss.

Hanson K said...

Jeepers creepers Jonkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read what Mike wrote. Looks like he was simply giving a wrap up of some recent changes around town, nothing more.

Looks like you're reading way too much into those few paras with an over-active imagination and a narrow mind mate.

ABC fan said...

My partner said that they were listening to Far North ABC radio this week, and was surprised when someone called Ginger was doing the afternoon music program.

After 10 minutes, he had to turn it off and listened to Classic FM instead.

His comments were that her voice was not pleasant to listen to.

Bring back Richard!

Thornton On Spence said...

Jonkey...I wonder what the significance is of that name. Should it be Donkey which of course is an Ass.

Mike Moore and this Blog have done an exceptional job in bringing balanced reporting to the Far North. How you can find the simple article updating moves and changes so offensive is strange and clearly a biased attack on Mr. Moore. Keep up the good work Mike.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

ABC fan - I concurr - I want Richard Dinnen back, I want Richard, I want Richard. Apart from presenting great programme, Richard's knowledge of music, & support of local musicians was paramount, especially due to the sinking of so many local live music venues here in Cairns in the past coupla years.
I love Classic Drive too - but I preferred to listen to Richard before switching.
As for Howard Said (? related to John, mate?) Mr. Dinnen was NOT a young journo seeking to be moved around - if you met him, you'd see he has experience & wrinkles, & a sense of fairness, of integrity, & most, importantly, a sense of fun. And he's handsome. What else do you want? Why don't you just listen to Macca, seems like it would be more to your liking?