Saturday 31 October 2009

Mobile phones banned in Kiwi cars

A new law in New Zealand (it's an island on the East coast) will ban anyone from using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving.
This will not stop anyone who wishes to use a handsfree device. From tomorrow, Kiwi motorists must have a handsfree device if they want to use their mobile phone, otherwise they risk being fined $80 and receiving 20 demerit points.

I blogged about this before as it's rather easy to spot Cairns' drivers using their beloved mobiles whilst driving. Mobile usage has increased probably due to the fact that mobiles are now complete communications devices, accessing email, social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter and the Internet.
KiwiBlog reports that New Zealand's road policing manager Superintendent Paula Rose said staff had been told that a period to allow the “bedding in” of the legislation was appropriate. Ms Rose doesn’t answer the phone when she’s driving. Instead she puts it in the boot, so if it does ring, she can’t get to it to take the call. She said she was excited about the new law because New Zealanders might think more about driving safely.

“In policing we’ve seen some really stupid things – people getting changed, putting their makeup on, eating their breakfast," Paula Rose said.
And in related news, a new Queensland law will now ban smoking in vehicles when there is anyone under the age of 16 years in the car. A $200 fine will apply when the new anti-smoking laws come into force in January. 3,400 Queenslanders die annually from smoking, with smoking-related illnesses costing us Queenslanders $217 million.
And even more related news. A $40 fine for pedestrians if you walk across the road with you back to oncoming cars. ABC Far North chatted with Mike Stapleton about this, and many more new road rules.
And in unrelated news, Mackay North State High School has banned hugging between students, after Year 9 girls were given detention caught embracing with their friends. The school policy bans PDA (public displays of affection). Evidently the ban on hugs is part of the school's "behaviour management policy," designed to protect students and staff.
What's next? Bad mayoral hair dos? Silly MPs speeches? Nudity at the Lagoon? Kevin Byrne being mentioned in the Cairns Post? Humour on CairnsBlog? 4:30am flight arrivals? Councillor Robert Pyne voting with Margaret Cochrane? Little green bags? Bryan Law?

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