Thursday 22 October 2009

The Lance Royce Climate Change Events

Green Left is holding an action on Friday morning at 7.15am, down at Marlin Jetty 21. It's all part of the worldwide event that will occur over the weekend.
On Thursday 5th November, at 6.45pm, the premiere screening of Michael Moore's (not me) CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY will screen at the City Cinema in Grafton Street. Tickets are $18 waged, or $14 concession. This is being put on by the Electrical Trades Union Light on the Hill campaign as part of the Queensland anti-privatisation campaign.
You can phone Stuey 0430 072 049 or Jonathan 4053 2340 for tickets or grab them from The Green House Shop, 55 Spence St or Community Foods, 74 Shields Street.
For those that missed the ‘Age of Stupid’ screening up at Kuranda last weekend, it will be on again on November 27, at the Civic Theatre.
On December 12, the Walk Against Warming will be held along the Cairns Esplanade.
Green Left Weekly is available at Community Foods, 74 Shields Street ; Neil's Organics, cnr McLeod and James Streets; and the James Cook University Refectory.


Skins said...

Why walk against something that you have absolutely no control over?
I wonder how many walkers will drive to the esplanade in their CO2emitting cars from their CO2 emitting homes on the 12th December?
A more sensible protest would be to walk against the Rudd governments ridiculous ETS which will do nothing to reduce emissions whilst taxing us all into poverty.
Wake up you hypocrites!

activist1952 said...

CORRECTION: Age of Stupid will be screened at the Civi Centre on Sunday 29th November @ 5pm. More information to come.
Di Horsburgh

Wade said...

I think a walk of off a short plank is more appropriate for these tree huggers.

hieronymus bosch said...

Whilst I prefer the company of trees over most alleged human beings, I've never wanted to hug one.

Bryan Law said...

I have hugged a tree. Apart from a little bark residue it was OK. Now I prefer lemon scented gums.

I get more worried about the give-ups on this blog than I do about the hyperbole of those who are at least having a go.

Oh and wade, it's a long walk off a short plank (for maximum rhetorical effect). Or "up the long ladder and down the short rope. To hell with King Billy. God bless the Pope".

hieronymus bosch said...

I just hugged a lychee tree, it was pretty good. Just like a cuddle from an old grandmother of the backyard.

I always thought it was a strange proclivity but I am starting to see the appeal!

Yeah, I thought it was 'a long walk off a short pier'.

V. Trioli said...

Wade is funny. Just like Barnaby.