Thursday 22 October 2009

Cyclone season goes social

The Cairns Council are reminding everyone to start thinking about cyclone preparation.

This year they will also trial Twitter and Facebook to send out warning and update messages to the community.

“When the community is faced with a looming disaster, Council will try to reach as many people as possible as quickly as it can,” Mayor Val Schier says. “Not everyone is sitting next to radios and televisions, which have in the past been traditional ways to reach the largest number of people. “

“These days many people rely on battery-driven laptops to garner information and online forms of messaging may prove very successful. Council will be using these methods for a one way delivery of information; there won’t be time to discuss a pending cyclone on Twitter.”

Council's trial on Facebook and Twitter will be managed by the Disaster Management. I wonder is this is the same department that managed the resignation of former CEO Noel Briggs, the sacking of Communications Manager Kerie Hull, and the vote of no confidence in former Finance Chair Councillor Alan Blake, and Val Schier's relationship with the community.


Carl said...

I think they're a little late to the game. I registered the username @cycloneupdate on Twitter over a year ago for this exact purpose.

Fosnez said...

Cyclone season in Cairns consists buying a large amount of supplies (read: booze) and drinking in the pool if it is a cat 3 or less, otherwise drinking under the house.

I love Cairns.