Tuesday 20 October 2009

Sodium Silicofluoride in our water from December

Cairns Regional Council has confirmed the type of fluoride chemical it has chosen for the fluoridation of water at the Tunnel Hill and Behana Creek water treatment plants from the end of December.
Council's General Manager of Cairns Water, Bruce Gardiner, says that an exact start date has not yet been determined.
"Commissioning of the fluoridation equipment is scheduled to commence on or about the 7 December," Bruce Gardiner says. "The date for the Behana Creek supply has not yet been determined but will be within the first six months of next year."
Three fluoride compound chemicals are permitted within the State legislation and, according to Cairns Regional Council, are in use across Australia. They are Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Silicofluoride, and Fluorosilicic Acid.
Sodium Silicofluoride has been chosen Cairns Council and was chosen based on the "efficiency, product availability, capital and operating costs, and environmental matters."

"There have been various claims in correspondence to Council with regard to the toxicity or poison level of the different forms of the chemical," Bruce Gardiner says.
Gardiner cites "safety data sheets" from the chemical manufacturers:-
  • 1. Toxicity Information

    All fluoride chemicals have toxic characteristics
    *The LD50 is the dose at which 50% of animals died from ingestion of a single dose of the chemical.

    Acute Toxicity: The toxicity information above indicates that Sodium Fluoride is more toxic than the other two forms of the chemical.

    The concentration of fluoride that will be introduced to the Cairns water supply will not be above 0.7 mg/kg," Bruce Gardiner says.

    2. Poison rating

    "There have been various claims in correspondence to Council regarding the poisons rating of the three different fluoride compounds," Bruce Gardiner says. "These have included claims that Sodium Fluoride is a schedule 2 compound (S2) and Sodium Silicofluoride is a schedule 7 compound (S7)."

    He says that the poison schedule rating, or S rating, refers to the controls that are on the sale, handling and management of a chemical. The higher the rating number the more controls are required to be in place.

    Sodium Fluoride and Sodium Silicofluoride in their raw form are both schedule 6 chemicals (S6), referred to as a ‘Poison’ on the MSDS poison rating scale. Fluorosilicic Acid is a schedule 7 chemical (S7) referred to as a ‘Dangerous Poison’.

    3. Chemical Quality

    "There have been claims that some of the fluoride compounds are ‘Industrial grade’ while others are ‘pharmaceutical grade’. All chemicals used in fluoridation of water supplies are required to meet stringent quality criteria based on standard testing procedures," Bruce Gardiner says.

    "The quality limits have been set based on significant factors of safety for any potential contaminants that may be found with the product."

    Each chemical batch delivered to a water supplier must be individually tested and testing results provided to the water supply authority.


Colin said...

Does anyone know if there is any way we can remove the fluoride before human consumption. I don't believe the current water filters on the market are capable of doing it.

Mike K. said...

Dose response! Dose response! Dose response! AAAAAAARGH!

Sorry, the anti-fluoridation people trigger that reaction in me all the time. It's about time we had it added to our water.

Warfarin rat poison) is used as a medicine for circulatory conditions. Vitamin pills can kill you. It's all about the dose.

B. Romadiolone said...

Gee Mike K if it makes you carry on like that maybe you should up your Warfarin dose. It does a treat to the rats around my place at the moment.

swinging voter said...

I heard Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on ABC radio a while ago replying to someone's comment about concerns for fluoride treatment, and for once, I was disappointed by his reply. Dr Karl asked if the caller had done a search of peer reviewed literature from dentistry, and when the caller admitted he hadn't, then spent time saying how to do that, and evaded the real question of the concern raised.

I am just a simple high school educated person. I might not have a university degree but I do know what happened in my family when growing up. My parents believed the propaganda about the benefits of fluoridation,and my siblings and I, throughout childhood had
-fluoride painted on teeth by dentists
-swallowed fluoride tabs supplied by the local council
-used fluoride toothpaste regularly


Sometimes the simple facts speak for themselves.

The benefit of fluoride isn't proven in my mind and it really should have been something which was left to individual choice.

George Orwell said...

Swinging voter, your comments do not surprise me. Inheritantly, the ALP is a party based on discipline and cradle to grave mentality. For example their members are not allowed the latitude to deviate from adopted party policy.
Furthermore, of late it is no longer a party for the working family eventhough is used that slogan with obvious success during the last election.
If anything it is a political party dominated by big business. This comes from the fact that the ALP in Queensland has been in power for the best part of 20 years. Ministers and their advisers are more often entertained by Corporate entities with a profit motive, than by individuals.
Like many other examples, Fluoride has nothing to do with tooth decay. Fluoride, a by product of the Aluminium industry is the domain of another multinational conglomerate.
It is time that the cupboard be supplied with new brooms.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Colin above - Werner Schmidlin is right up there with the removal of fluoride techniques. Look at his blog. You could email him for further info.

Very good point, Swinging Voter, & I concurr completely with George Orwell re the Labor Party. I am totally over them here in Queensland.

And to all others - whatever your opinion on fluoride is, this little baby is going to cost CRC (ie. US) 2 million to get set up, & then half-a-million each year to run. That's a lot of biccies for a service many of us do not want.

Aaron said...

Yes, Dr Karl is a propagandist for the scientific establishment. Anyone with a basic grasp of science and logic knows that Fluoride has zero, and I mean Z-E-R-O benefit when ingested, it is a highly toxic substance and causes harm to humans.
The only rational and beneficial application of fluoride is topical on teeth.

The Litmus test for propagandists is the Ad hominem and appeal to authority fallacies employed by these evil pseudo-scientists. Good examples are the Anthropogenic Global Warming quacks who never provide actual evidence of AGW but resort to Ad Hominem insults and demanding more peer review literature in support. The fact is the vast majority of scientists lose their jobs if they speak the truth and thus peer review is harder to come by for truthful science that challenges the Governments politics.

They are fluoridating the water to poison and sterilise the population to dumb us down and weaken us to reduce population and make us more controllable and docile as the Global Government takes effect.

Brett said...

I may have missed any direct answer to your question - but, I understand the only way is RO - probably 5 stage