Friday 2 October 2009

Six out of eleven get dirty

This weekend marks the first Great Northern Clean Up, coordinated with the support of Clean Up Australia Day.

Cairns Regional Council promoted a change of date, rather than the nation-wide March weekend, to better serve the interests of a pre-cyclone clean up in Northern Australia.

You can spot a few of the trusty Councillors around the region this weekend. The rest of them are busy doing other stuff. Pop along and give em a hand.

  • Cr Sno Bonneau
    - Trinity Park Reed Road - 10am
  • Mayor Val Schier
    Chinaman Creek - 9am
  • Cr Margaret Cochrane
    Freshwater Creek 7–9am,
    - Sims Esplanade, Yorkeys 9am – 11.30am
  • Cr Di Forsyth
    - Cairns Esplanade - 8am
    - Cairns Central Swamp - 9am
  • Cr Kirsten Lesina
    Chinaman Creek - 9–11am
  • Cr Nansky Lanskey
    - Blackfellow Creek underpass - 7.30am
    - Collinson Creek underpass - after 7.30am

A full list of clean-up sites can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Good to see civic minded councilors out getting dirty for a worthy cause.
I didn't see Alan Blake's name anywhere on the list
I heard he likes to get dirty on the weekend with his hands.
He'd put in a big effort too you can bet your skinny latte on it. Then fall asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Thornton On Spence said...

As for Sno I am sure the only dirt on his hands will be from previous meetings with his Developer Friends when he shook hands with them. Maybe his clean up will consist of the various waterways his Developer friends have altered to suit their classy and in keeping Developments at Clifton Beach.
Blakey will be far too busy Baby sitting to have the time to get his hands dirty but there again there is always the opportunity for him to "introduce" himself to the new CEO

Clifton Ghost said...

Sno Bonneau must be sending out his double, as he was never seen outside 7 Saxon Street, Clifton Beach in the last 15 years, doing any kind of community service - oh I take that back, a couple of times he raced down to the beachfront when the TV crews were there filming sea water inundation along the beachfront.

Scintilla said...

Clifton Ghost, yes he does become a small target, below radar detection, when he is not campaigning. If you remember during the last election campaign he had an Ant named in his honour...Electric Sno Ant.

Eradication, while every effort has been made, still has not been complete and remains a pest.

There is conjuncture that the applied pesticide is nevertheless having a deleterious effect on his thick skin and may not be prepared to endure a shattering ego trauma with a defeat in the next election.