Thursday 19 February 2009

Caption Contest returns

I snapped this gem yesterday, during the Shadow Treasurer's flying visit to Cairns.

Here's Joe Hockey with LNP's candidate for Mulgrave, Vic Black.

  1. "My, this heat in Cairns is worse than Marysville"
  2. "I do have a headache actually, I have to come all the way up here and listen to hick-town regional journalists read dumb prepared questions they don't even understand from their bosses."
  3. "Well I thought 'Vic' was going to be some sexy girl standing for Mulgrave. How wrong could I have been?"
  4. "Joe, you look like you've just got word you're going back on Sunrise with Kevin Rudd in the morning!"
  5. "Look Vic, I told you I didn't want a call girl till I get back to the hotel."
  6. ............" your turn........."


Anonymous said...

Would those damned kids stop jumping on my head?

I know my hair is sticking up - where is my Anna 'Ard 'At?

Now that was water not vodka in the bottle Vic?

How long is Vic going to spend chatting up this chicky babe?

Anonymous said...

I've just been out to Clifton Beach to look at my Apartment at Clifton Views. I think I have one on the ground level, with a view of the creek.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, you mean the reserve Bank interest rate isn't that?

That's the fourth time today that Costello has rung!

Anonymous said...


I love it!

Anonymous said...

No No Vic, don't say that, Oh shit man you don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

"So, Warren Pitt hasnt retired?"

"You say Wayne Swan is still treasurer?"

"Tony Abbott said what??"

Anonymous said...

I really wish I hadn't tied one on with Fiona and Donkey last night.