Tuesday 17 February 2009

Another one to retire

Today Labor's Warren Pitt said he will retire from politics, and not contest the next State election, expected to be called within days.

Pitt has had a series of health issues. Three years ago he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and had stem cell therapy. He has been in Parliament for 20 years, and holds the seat of Mulgrave. Eight Labor MP's have now said they are quitting. No one has been touted for Pitt's replacement, in a seat that commands nearly a 20% margin over the opposition.

Vic Black, LNP's candidate for Mulgrave, wished the retiring MP all the best. "My sincere wishes go out to Warren and his family for all the years of service to his community."

Black believes the battle for the seat of Mulgrave would be tough, but he would be up to the job. “It doesn’t matter who the Labor Party nominates to replace Mr Pitt, the same issues remain.”

“After eleven years of Labor Government the same major crisis in health remains. The same failings in education remain. The same failure to respond to the community on local government boundaries remains. The same failure to allow a voice in putting fluoride in the water remains. The same public transport needs are there. The same road infrastructure needs are there. The same considerations for lifestyle needs are there. The same safety needs are there.”

LNP media spin masters are now famous for the longest political press release sentence.

Meanwhile, Wendy Richardson was looking for babies to kiss at JCU's market day this morning.

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