Monday 23 February 2009

Let the porkies begin!

It was only 13 minutes past 11 this morning and Labor's Steve Wettenhall was out with his four year old election posters.

He obviously had the tip off that Premier Anna Bligh was on her way to see the Governor General to dissolve State Parliament, six months earlier that the planned date.

Snap elections catch everyone by surprise, but this was the worst-kept secret in the State. After eight 'retirements' in as many days it seems, and the instant replacement for Mulgrave with Warren Pitt's son, who's still lives in Brisbane, the porkies will now be loud and clear.

The only good thing about this election is that we'll only have to put up with a zillion promises from all sides for less than a month.

It will be a tough fight in the South East, but regional Queensland is fed up with this government. Community issues and open honest accountable representation is blatantly absent from the incumbents.

The galvanising community issue to preserve the historic Yacht Club building, is a shameful indictment of almost every Labor MP in the Far North of Queensland. It's damaged weathering remnants in a paddock at JCU's Smithfield campus, are yet another reason why a passionate community deserves much better presentation that it got over this issue.

I hope that the voter will be savvy enough to critique the contribution their current MP has made and look at the alternatives. Greens, LNP, independents, will all be showing you the reason why Labor are due for early retirement.


Anonymous said...

I don't think in my wildest dreams that Springborg and his new name National Party could deliver any better than Labor. The spin on the 1.5 billion dollar blowout will impress some, but I wonder where he plans to find all the money for new hospitals in Cairns etc. and other promises. Sell more coal?

I will never vote for Desley Boyle again after what she did to our Yacht Club and how she sold us out to the Party line but don't think for a second the (little 'L')Nats would have done it any differently. You only have to see their track record from their previous efforts in government.

The only chance of protesting against the two poor major alternatives would be to look at supporting the independents and parties such as the Greens and I look forward to you allowing them to air their policies in this blog.

T. Asquith said...

You can vote 1 for whatever minor party you want, but in the end it comes down to Labor or Nationals.
I made a vow to punish Labor for ignoring the wishes of the people of Cairns with their Yacht Club treachery. Now I shall follow through - and I urge others to do the same regardless of their natural political preference.
If Springboard wins government as a consequence of my vote (and those of others like me here in the Far North), so be it. Let that be a salient lesson to all of them. Rule 1: You represent us! Ignore us at your peril.

Anonymous said...

Tom, how do you 'punish' a politician?
Do you think they give a rat's arse when they will all collect a handsome payout whether in power or not. Do you think a recession is going to affect them financially?

That stupid 'punishing' mob attitude will punish only one group - us the voters. We will have to live with it for the next three years.

Like I said, do you really think the opposition can deliver anything better than what we have now?

Use your intelligence and pick wisely. This isn't reality TV.
The beauty of state elections is that you don't have to give preferences to the big parties.

Dan Vowles said...

Hey guys, there is a little option called preference. Most voters forget this little ripper! Yes, you can still protest vote by selecting a minor party or independant as 1 and still get your vote for the major party when they do not win the primary. This is not a wasted vote and realy shakes them up.