Thursday 12 February 2009

Cairns Bulletin launched

Today a new independent community newspaper will be launched.

Cairns Community Newspapers has announced the merger of its publications, the Cairns Northern News and The Southern Herald, to form the new Cairns Bulletin, which will be home delivered this week.

Cairns Northern News has been in circulation on the northern beaches for 13 years, set up by Councillor Sno Bonneau. Following an acquisition by Trinity Beach couple, Michael and Corina Angel-Dzubiel in 2004, they added the Southern Herald to increase circulation to the southern suburbs.

“The merger of the two newspapers will provide a much richer platform for us to deliver content,” Corina says, who is the managing editor of the popular independent newspaper.

“The Cairns Bulletin, has been in the pipeline for some time. Its launch comes as no surprise to stakeholders. Up to this point It’s predecessors, The Southern Herald and Cairns Northern News, have served the Cairns community well."

The new independent publication will be distributed free to households from Palm Cove to Gorndonvale every month.

In the first issue, I was pleased to write the cover story about my neighbour at Yorkeys, who contracted the Dengue virus. Sasha McGrath was the 274th to be diagnosed since the outbreak started in early December. There is a lot more shocking facts to this story, and I'll share this on CairnsBlog later this week.

Corina believes that the new newspaper will provide an opportunity for locals to communicate and have their say. "Advertisers will also benefit from a wider readership base and enjoy greater exposure of their products and services to all of Cairns."

33,540 copies are printed, reaching 84,478 of our local population. If you have a story idea, you can call Corina on 4057 5521, or email her. If you would like to advertise, call Malinda McCance on 0434 087 515.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article Mike

Just out of curiosity, as a non-reader of the Cairns Post, I wonder how much coverage it has given to this significant event in the evolution of the local media?

Anonymous said...

From what I saw of the Southern Herald delivered to me in the southern burbs, don't hold your breath waiting for any "news" in these publications. Most of the stories were about the businesses that advertise in the paper.

Tony Hillier said...

These so-called "community" newspapers are all about regurgitated press releases, fluffy "human interest" stories and advertorialising. The Cairns Sun, which tries to pretend it's not in the ComPost stable, even fills its "Letters to the Editor" column with press releases from pollies. The weekly editorial simply summarises the front-page story. And don't think for a moment that a change of editors at the ComPost will make any difference to the content. Champions of the community, my arse!