Tuesday 24 February 2009

A fair share for Cairns

The election's been called. The media releases are starting to fly.

I've asked for Desley's and Steve's, but they haven't added me to their list yet. They should simply email me here. Let's hope they do.

Joel Harrop, who's standing for Cairns on the LNP ticket, says the early State election should focus on a fair share for Cairns.

“Despite having the Tourism Minister as a local member, Cairns has not been receiving its fair share for the last eleven years of the Labor Government,” Harrop says.
“Funding to Tourism has been cut back and Labor plans to dramatically increase licence fees for venues that want to open after midnight.”

He says Desley Boyle has served the people of Brisbane and let down locals in our community.

Harrop, and LNP's king hit in Cairns is to build a new hospital. “Health services have been long neglected in Cairns. This will ensure the residents of Cairns receive the health they need and deserve. It will also create many construction jobs while it is being built.”

I have to agree with anyone who says to move and build a purpose-built facility. The current location and add-ons that is currently being undertaken, is a mess.

Joel Harrop was also shocked at the way the election was called. "It highlights the disregard Labor has for proper process and democracy in this State," he said after the Premier first announced the election on YouTube before going to seek the State Governor’s approval.

"This is extremely arrogant, and sidelines the Governor’s proper role in our democracy,” Harrop says.

Undoubtedly the other major focus of this campaign needs to be the state of the finances in Queensland. You would run your own home like this. Just after the Treasurer announced the poor state of the balance sheet, Anna Bligh said that she will "not let up from borrowing to continue the infrastructure programme."

Queensland's debt is now over $60 billion.

“Queensland now has the worst credit rating in Australia – worse than New South Wales, which is an acknowledged basket case," Joel Harrop says. "The Labor Government’s mismanagement of the Queensland economy, and failure to put money away during the good times means that Cairns is going to miss out on essential expenditure.”

We have an interest bill alone of $200 million dollars a year on Labor’s $1.5 billion deficit.

The LNP say that Labor has put the State from boom to bust in less than a year. They accuse the Government of not putting anything away when times were good and mining royalties were flooding in. Now the State is broke.


Anonymous said...

"The media releases are starting to fly.I've asked for Desley's and Steve's, but they haven't added me to their list yet. "

Media releases?? Is that where you get your "real news"???

Tsk Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Invino Veritas,

Michael Moore can't decide if he's the "alternative" press or the actual press.

He got stiffed on a council job after running Val Schier's campaign for mayoress.

Now he's covering his bases with this election by playing both sides of the fence.

Tsk tsk is right!

Michael P Moore said...

I allow anyone to post comments on my Blog. I turn a blind eye to those that hide behind fake nicknames hoping that they may contribute some sensible debate to the issues I raise. However it's often not the case.

I just deleted another defamatory comment that was not signed by anything other than anonymous.

To suggest I can't decide if I'm the "alternative" press or the actual press, is a nonsensical statement. The media and press is made up of many parts these days, and we all get our news from a vast variety of sources. I don't bother wasting time trying to fit into one, unlike mainstream media that is obliged to, as their master or agenda dictates.

I never "got stiffed on a council job" because I never sought one. Setting up CairnsBlog offers me a degree of independence and would hardly be compatible working behind a Council desk getting told what to say by Noel Briggs.

I also never "ran Val Schier's campaign for mayoress." I supported a change in local government in Cairns, and collectively, we achieved that. We are a much more engaged community without KB - that's my view anyway.

Val didn't run for "mayoress". She run for the Mayor's role, and won it, unless you didn't realise.

Finally, to suggest I'm "covering bases with this election by playing both sides of the fence" is yet another absurd comment. I don't support the local Labor candidates after their appalling representation of the Cairns Yacht Club preservation. Wettenhall and Boyle in particular, were extremely negligent over this important community issue. It was something both Desley and Steve could have made happen, pure and simple. On that matter alone, they deserve to be thrown out of office, or even walk the plank over Trinity Inlet

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Joel is still a Spunk Rat!

Anonymous said...

He may be that Miss Emu, but he is also a very good public speaker. He is very quick to recall figures, and communicates very effectively. He would run rings around Boyle, whose foot seems firmly planted in her mouth.

He will make a fine representative for more than just his looks. And with his background as a concierge he will find you anything, anytime (sorry Joel, couldnt resist!)

Dan Vowles said...

Voters in recent years have a great sense of "your time is up". It has shown that most voters are swingers and the old, always vote "my party" policy is quickly fading to which scares the hell out of most pollies these days. No-one is safe and to continue the same old retoric. The real winners in this election will be the voters, because once again they are more informed and will not be swayed by old school BS.
And please remember, a vote for a minor party or independant is not a wasted vote so long as you use the preference. Make them all squirm!
Dan Vowles

Anonymous said...

That is no fake nickname Bryan is using, it is a real nickname.
Just as real as Sportyboy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Invino Veritas. Some people for what ever reason do not wish to be 'media tarts' like some of the contributors here and therefore do not use their real names. Yet intelligent comment should be respected nonetheless. That is what open blogs are about.