Friday 13 February 2009

CairnsBlog cartoon by Robbie


Anonymous said...

The most damning inditement of our present crop of ALP MPs, in my opinion, is their failure to get to base one one public transport...

They haven't even figured that the old, auto-dominated transport mix is over.

Hence they aren't at base one in installing the technology we need at this 'stimulus time' that presents an unprecedented opportunity for sustainable development.

I think the health system needs better resourcing also, but at least we still have a public health system and a Government committed to keeping it.

Perhaps the official opposition can raise the bar on a regional program for installing sustainable infrastructure - otherwise, over to the Greens...

Anonymous said...

Hey Syd,

NO ONE anywhere believes that the day of the automobile is dead.

Auto ownership is a classic representation of freedom. No one including you and your commie buddies are gonna tell me when and where I can go.

It's going to change form, and fuel, but it's here to stay.

Get over it. There ain't no trains going to Myola.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid S! You're right! The motor car is here to stay. As you note changing form and fuel.

You're going to pay a lot more for the resources going into a car, and the resources needed to operate them on roadways. The iconic freedom you refer to is going to become rarer and more restricted.

At the same time, how do you justify failing to provide a full range of transport services that suit all the different kinds of people that use them.

Rail, bus, mini-bus, taxi, car. Walking and cycling paths. Interchanges and showers/lockers. Interactive and digitally managed.

I think we should all insist on a 21C standard of living for all.

Anonymous said...

Syd Straightner

What puzzles me is why anyone making such a conformist comment would feel the need to use a pseudonym.

Perhaps you have an interest in the status quo? Could you be a paid employee of one of the politcians I criticized? Do you work for the Dept of Main Roads?

Your comment has zero credibility for me unless you have the guts and honesty to identify yourself.

BTW, apologies for misspelling 'indictment' in my previous post.

Anonymous said...

ah great to see the weekly cartoon on this blog is back! YAY
need my fix

Anonymous said...

Syd S is a just another operative from QLD Labor's so called 'emergency response unit'. Thir objective: stop the questioning/criticism of the government in any and every media outlet. Desley will better get ready for the bats because we're getting them out come this election (whenever that mey be...)