Tuesday 17 February 2009

Aitken says get behind Pyne

Janine Aitken is asking residents to get behind Councillor Pyne at tomorrow's Water and Waste Council meeting.

"Thank goodness for Councilors, such as Leu and Pyne," Aitken says. "Here Cr Rob Pyne goes again, sweeping into Council chambers like common sense superman on wheels."

"He has had the earth shattering idea of suggesting free green waste dumping and pick ups. Earth shattering common sense stuff. Sadly like all things common sense and the Cairns Regional Council, the idea will not see the light of day unless everyday people like you turn up in numbers at tomorrow's Water and Waste meeting."

The Water and Waste meeting should commence aroun 10am Wednesday at Council's Spence Street offices.

Janine was unsuccessful in her bid for Division 9 in the Cairns Regional Council 2008 elections. "However, after watching broken promises and unacceptable rate rises," Janine says "It is again time to stick up for Cairns and question those in authority."


Anonymous said...

Pick up idea is ridiculous its just not cost effective once you allow for backhoes,trucks,labour,traffic control etc
Just offer free dumping at certain times which is far better on our rates
Maybe one weekend every 6-8 weeks or so would allow most people to dispose of their vegetation
Council only mulch the vegetation up and use the mulch themselves

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous.

There are plenty of commercial services available to people who NEED their green waste picked up and disposed.

Why should this be a council service? Our rates are too friggin high now - calling this a "free service" is absurd!

More labor wackjobs dreaming up more ways government should be our nanny. This isn't the task of local councils. It's been privatised. That's the way it should stay.

Unknown said...

My opinion is that Council should offer a free green waste drop off period over the next month in order to clear up people's yards. This is in addition to the free green waste period which was held towards the end of last year.

However I believe that Council should help pensioners who can't take the green waste to the tip themselves, or who can't afford to hire someone to dump the waste. A sum of money could be given to a nominated charity to enable the charity to pick up the pensioners green waste and dump it. This would ensure that ratepayers will not have to shoulder the unnecessary costs of a region wide pick up while still helping those who cannot take green waste to the tip themselves. A similar program aimed at pensioners currently exists within the Brisbane City Council.

I feel that this is a fair and equitable solution for the residents of the Cairns region and I will be raising this proposal at the meeting tomorrow.