Sunday 15 February 2009

Crime sentencing meeting on Tuesday

The community group Residents Against Crime are holding a meeting this Tuesday.

This will be at the De Jarlais Pavilions, Cairns Showgrounds, on the corner Mulgrave and Severin Streets, starting at 7:15pm

The Group's founder, Barry Neall, who met with Police Minister Judy Spence last year, says the theme of this weeks meeting is about the lack of appropriate sentencing.

"The judicial system is providing inadequate for the crimes that are committed," says Barry. "There is no satisfaction for the victims of these horrendous crimes."

"We see in this weekend's Cairns Post yet another example why our community needs to speak out so the State Government are not listening. We need to tell them that we are not going to tolerate this type of behaviour."

On Friday, 20-year-old Justin Heal of Mt Sheridan, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, possession and supply, yet the judge allowed this scum to walk out of the courthouse free.

"I get to walk away from here free," Heal said as he marched out from the court house.

"This is yet another example of the soft approach of the court system, where offenders know that when they front court, they will probably walk away with nothing more than a bond or probation period," Barry Neall says.

The Residents Against Crime group has already held two large public meetings in Cairns, one of which the Police Minister attended.

"From these meetings we have gained additional Police - up to 16 recruits - in Cairns," says Barry Neall. "There is also 12 experienced officers coming to Cairns, seven of which will work in community patrols, involving cycling around the city."

The group Residents Against Crime website receives around 20,000 hits a month, which shows the interest in this subject for our community. He also runs a RAC Blog to post updates of local crimes committed.

Barry Neall has set up another website called Cairns Day & Nite to make visitors aware of the crime in our city.

"Cairns is normally a very friendly city however like most other cities we do have crime where some visitors have been attacked and handbags, mobile and money have been stolen."

He lists the following to make tourists aware:
  • Rules to remember:
    (1). Don't walk in poorly lit streets.
    (2). Beware of groups of young people as they may cause problems.
    (3). Don't walk alone, if there are people walking ahead of you and going in your direction stay close or better still walk home with someone you know.
    (4). In night clubs do not accept drinks from someone you don't know.
    (5). If you become suspicious or concerned call the police on 000 and they will assist you in any way thats required.
    (6). Always have the strap of your handbag over your shoulder and make sure that you have a good grip on it.
Everyone is encouraged to attend this Tuesday's meeting, commencing at 7:15pm. You can email Residents Against Crime or contact Barry on 0438 111 722.

Barry will be on John MacKenzie's 846AM radio show on Monday morning.

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