Tuesday 24 February 2009

Springborg buses into town

Come out, come out, where ever you are.

Tonight Opposition leader Lawrence Springborg will be in Cairns, with a major policy announcement.
Members and friends are welcome at the Hotel Cairns, corner Abbott and Florence Streets at 7pm. It's $15 to get in - nothing like a shameless way to earn some party funds. Call Dennis on 4031 8030 by noon, if you'd like to come along and tell jokes about the Government.


Anonymous said...

Tell Dennis to invite Curtis from Brisbane. That will give him the opportunity to meet a few of his constituents before he tries to take the seat of Mulgrave, handed to him by his father.

Anonymous said...

Very good comment Mr/Mrs/Ms JKR. I heard that Curtis works within a state government department. The mind aimlessly wonders how Curtis got this position. Perhaps I'm just getting sceptical with age.

Anonymous said...

Its Mr, Steven. Perhaps I should introduce myself? Jake Robertson, soon to be 26 year old trainee solicitor in Cairns (Edmonton actually). That is only fair, since I know something about you!

You already have deduced that I am an LNP member.

Yes, Curtis did have a cushy job in the public service. No doubt he got the job on ability alone, just like he won the pre-selection for Labor in Mulgrave on ability alone. Nothing to do with his father.

Actually, I am near certain that if you look at the records, it will show that nobody else actually applied for the job in the public service either. But when you ask, all proper protocols were no doubt followed - all in fast forward!

Look at that! I am cynical and I can still be considered young I think!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

I hope Curtis has resigned from his position within State Government to run as a Candidate. His candidacy is null and void if he has simply taken recreation leave whilst contesting the election. This policy was brought in by Beattie because he got the shits with pissed off police officers running as candidates against the ALP. In a true democracy anyone should be able to run as a candidate, regardless of their employment status or history.

Anonymous said...

I saw a bus in town with "The BORG Express" written on the front of it. Hurriedly I scampered home and bloogled the name on the intertube. This is what I found:

"Detailed information about the history of the BORG is somewhat lacking.
Although originally organic it is generally understood that over a period of centuries they have modified and enhanced their biological makeup to incorporate synthetic technological enhancements in order to achieve and satisfy their goals of progression and expansion. When a biological individual is altered to encompass the BORG'S various cybernetic implants and hardware, they lose all sense of individuality, and become a drone, and part of the Borg commune. By way of a network of advanced subspace communications channels the individual will be absorbed into the Borg 'Collective' -a hive mind, or singular consciousness which incorporates all DRONES everywhere. It is this control mechanism that drives the entire Borg unit with devastating efficiency."

Of course after reading this I shut down the intertube face space before Senator Conroy caught me.

All I can say is what the.....?