Sunday 15 February 2009

Money for something

It's the bi-annual community grant application time again.

This is for grants up to $8,000 for sport and recreation, community development and arts. They are aimed at non-profit groups or individuals, for the betterment of the community (a one-way air ticket for Kevin Byrne to Russia?).

There's a info session (how to fool the evaluation panel on the application) on Wednesday 18th February at 6pm. This will be at Cairns Regional Council's Spence Street office.

Justine can help out with questions about community and arts on 4044 3351 or Casey for sport and recreation on 4044 3062.

Grab the Community Development application form and get it in by Friday March 27th. There is a second round, applications due end of August.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit concerned about the anti-Russian sentiment of your blog now Michael. Apart from human rights abuses, communist dictatorship, weapons of mass destruction, and beating us at chess, what's Russia ever done to deserve having Kevin Byrne inflicted on it.

I'm proud of Australia generally for having saved PNG from the Kevin, and think we ought continue the tradition. (Sending him to WA would be orlrite).