Tuesday 24 February 2009

They're listening to your say

The grammatically-challenged Cairns Council survey form hits your letterbox this week.
The 'We're listening to your say' survey has five pages of 'instructions', with two thirds of a single page for your feedback. I think they got this around the wrong way.
I welcome any opportunity for the mass population to engage and seek feedback from us plebs.
However, this is no ordinary survey, they want us to help write their corporate plan – and need our views and ideas. Lazy buggers, don't we pay em enough to do this themselves? I recall Councillor Sno Bonneau infamously says that they elected him to make decisions on behalf of the people, therefore he doesn't need to ask his constituents what they think! Maybe he's onto something?
There will be Council Officers around town to talk about this mega-exciting subject: Thursday 26th February at Mt Sheridan Plaza; Saturday 28th - Mossman Markets; Monday 2nd March - Stockland Earlville; and Saturday 7th March - Gordonvale Markets.
You can also do the survey online if you wish.

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