Thursday 19 February 2009

Cairns' Comming Out month

It seems as it's the season to be jolly and show your colours.

The annual burst of Xanthostemon chrysanthus is blooming all across the city.

The former Mulgrave Shire and Cairns City Council's official civic floral emblem, the Golden Penda, not to be confused with the Golden Panda, is coming out.

It's a magnificent tropical rainforest tree, and the birds (not the type befriended by former editor of the Cairns Post) love this plant.

Last season, the six Pendas on our property caught the attention of Oki Doki Japanese tour buses for photo opps. Hilarious.

I recently planted three more of these on out streetside. You can grab theses from Neil at the region's favorite garden, Limberlost Nursery in Freshwater.

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