Thursday 19 February 2009

You're Fired!

Brisbane's St Marys Father Peter Kennedy was sacked this afternoon.

"I hereby remove you from the office of administrator of St Mary's Parish, South Brisbane, effective immediately," said the decree from Archbishop Bathersby.

According to the Archbishop, Kennedy has "caused harm to ecclesiastical communion in spite of frequent requests from me to do otherwise".

I wrote about Father Kennedy's unique charismatic style a couple of days ago.

The out of touch Catholic Church said he must leave his position as priest at St Mary's immediately. And what wre his crimes? He allowed women to preach and blessed same-sex couples, among others.

He's no longer the Priest of St Marys, he's just a naughty boy.

He vows to still celebrate mass this Sunday at 9am at St Marys. Sounds like a cat fight, just this time, it's with men in dresses.

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