Thursday 19 February 2009

Be inspired

Cairns' own world-famous marketing expert, Andrew Griffiths, would like to invite you to a special free seminar in March.

"I am putting on a free event in on Tuesday March 17 – targeted at changing the mood of business owners in Cairns," says Andrew. "Already we have over 100 people booked in, and are hoping for 300."

You can find out more about it from Andrew's website.

"I think people are a little cynical about 'free' – but there really are no hidden things – just my little way of saying thank you to Cairns and a way for me to do something positive when there is so much gloom," Andrew says.

I've already booked myself in.


Anonymous said...

One should remember that Andrew Griffiths is the paid media shill for CEC, as well as defending the rape of False Cape by CEC and others.

Supporter of Cairns? Then why isn't he spending his promo dollars with Cairns firms, instead of using Mexicans?

Small business expert? This guy has never run a business in his life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Real Business Operator - I have sent you an email at your cute little code name email "HAMMER" to respond more graphically to your ill informed comment.

Apart from the fact that you are wrong in pretty much everything you say, why don't you have the balls to put your name on your comment? OH that's right - because it is so much easier to make dumb remarks based on nothing but the world according to you.

Well for the record I have run many businesses, I have run several in Cairns for 15 years. I support Cairns businesses wherever I can - you have no idea of the reason I am recoding CD's in Melbourne and yes I am a PR consultant to CEC - I thought that in this country we were allowed to have two sides to a story.

Last but not least, I am trying to do something positive and make a difference. What are you doing?

So apart from the immature remarks, how about giving us a list of the wonderful things you do to make this city, this country and this planet better? IF you were really proud, you could even use your real name. But of course that would take away from the fun of being able to take cheap shots at people with no comeback.

I work with literally thousands of people around this country every year. People like you are part of the problem. Get off your butt and do something that will make the world better.

Andrew Griffiths (this is my real name).

Anonymous said...

PS The email I sent to REAL BUSINESS OWNER bounced. It is even a fake email address. Wow, that really is about as brave as you can get. Good on you REAL BUSINESS OWNER, with people like you in the world George Bush really does look like a Rocket Scientist.

Michael P Moore said...

As previously stated, personal attacks on CairnsBlog will be removed without hesitation. So long as the commenter participates in the discussion and keeps to the subject of the story, I have no problem.

I will also remove Anon posters. Please, please use your name. If you want any credibility and to be taken seriously by other readers, then use your name. It's rather easy. This is how we do business in the world!

If you don't want your comment removed, then I suggest you read the Posting policy here:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiments of "Real Business Owner" (although maybe not the tone). Andrew Griffiths is engaged in a fundamental flaw in his career management - you can't be an apologist and PR hack for a project like False Cape and at the same time tout yourself as a "motivational speaker". A motivational speaker has to have a professional career above reproach, and wading into the CEC sewer and defending the indefensible makes it impossible to take Andrew Griffiths seriously.

The False Cape fiasco was an extremely serious issue for many in Cairns. I'm sure it was for the family of the man that lost his life working as a paid environmental vandal for CEC. Griffiths is trying now to "motivate" a community from a platform of immorality. It isn't possible.

It's disappointing that Griffiths doesn't see the inherent contradiction in these two jobs, and is so dismissive of the complaint ("you don't know what you're talking about", "dumb remark", and "immature remark" isn't the kind of response that should be coming from a motivational speaker.

Anonymous said...

I admire what Andrew Griffiths does as a career and what he has achieved. He has sold I assume millions of books, and from what I have heard a good motivational speaker. However, it is not for me. My personal belief is that those who do well in anything are those who are determined, persistent and willing to change with the times and are not afraid of re-educating themselves to achieve what they desire. You either do this as instinct or you fail. If you need to be told this by a motivational speaker who charges a fortune to tell you what you should already know then you are instinctively doomed to fail.

Andrew’s advice I assume is aimed at those who lack a little self motivation or are in search of how to better themselves or their businesses quickly and easily. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to better oneself besides innovative hard work, determination and self belief. This comes from within not from a marketing guru.

Andrew reminds me a little of a pyramid seller who talks up your self worth but at the end of the day it is you and you alone that can achieve change to provide a better future for yourself and family. This is done through getting knocked over, learning from mistakes, and looking for opportunities and most of all experience. Successful people are usually those who are not afraid to take opportunities, sometimes very risky opportunities but nevertheless well planned decisions. This can be achieved a lot easier if you surround yourself with experienced like minded people.

I suppose Andrew also reminds me of an evangelical preacher from downtown Bronx who can hype you up and make you feel all empowered for a very short while.

Yes, Andrew is a smart business person who probably makes a very good living out of telling people how to better themselves and their businesses - quickly. I think if you want to better yourself, don’t take advise from evangelic pyramid style practitioners. Instead, take calculated risks, work hard, use the internet and other advertising streams smartly, reinvent yourself every so often and most of all study the competition and do better. Most of all do it yourself and learn from mistakes. This cannot be learnt from a one off expensive feel good session with Andrew Griffiths – marketing extraordinaire.

Unknown said...

Motivational speakers are a bit like those spruikers who organise seminars for people who want to get rich quickly.

I don't know if I'd be motivated by someone who is associated with a company that almost went broke after flooding the market with poor quality concrete boxes. A company that allowed its foreign workers to sleep on their building sites, contravening workplace health and safety regulation as well as common decency.

He's done well for himself and good on him, but I don't know if taking his advise will get you anywhere..

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I don't think Mr. Motivation Andrew Griffiths is getting the message from the community. You can't take tainted, dirty money from people like CEC and expect to then "motivate the community". We don't like it one bit, the spinning and lying Griffiths has done on behalf of environmental vandals. He defends his seminar as "doing something positive for the community". What about all the negative he's done in order to collect his "PR" fee?

I was frankly shocked at the intensity of the personal attack launched by Griffiths on the earlier posters, and believe this shows the personal ugliness underneath his phony smile. You're known by the company you keep, Mr. Griffiths. You're defending the indefensible.

Let him go defend community destroyers in one of the other "45 countries" he sells his books in!