Wednesday 25 February 2009

A little too much blue

LNP's leader, Lawrence Springborg with his candidates Joel Harrop (Cairns), Vic Black (Mulgrave), Wendy Richardson (Barron River), and Craig Batchelor (Cook), during his flying visit to Cairns.

With political corflutes popping up on every corner, the quick election race to the finish line will please many who were expecting a long campaign.

The seats to watch will be Barron River with a narrow 4.8% margin, and Cairns, with Labor losing much support over Boyle's lack of support of the Cairns Yacht Club could narrow her 8% lead.

Former Main Roads Minister Warren Pitt's seat of Mulgrave, who enjoyed nearly 10% margin, will certainly be lost to the LNP with the ring-in of his 32 year old son Curtis.

LNP's Cook candidate, Craig Batchelor will have his work cut out if he's to bet Jason O'Brien with a strong 11.4% margin at the last election, however he claims that actually living in the electorate will give him advantage.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps when Lawrence's National Party gets in as a result of kneejerk reaction it might become part of our already failing school curriculum of 'rool big wordz' along with 'peripheral problem' (as in the Global Financial Crisis), 'denecessary,'front ending' and of course all those other other bits of political 'stuntery'(all Borg's words).
I can't wait.