Friday 20 February 2009

Kevin meets John

Here's a story, about a Kevin and John.

John Babet of Kewarra, is a colourful character who has often engaged in questioning local elected officials.

He's known for his Cairns Ratepayers Action Group that challenged the former Cairns City Council three years ago, to address the inequity in substantial rate increases. However these days it's had a reincarnation and is the Community Reformation Action Group.

In a recent statement he says "the Peoples Grand Jury is an initiative of the Community Reformation Action Group, a Peoples Advocacy Group acting for Positive Evolutionary Reform," Babet says. "The guiding light for this Reform is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, passed by the US Congress 9th September 2001, and awaiting official announcement by the World Bank."

It's a bit too much for this little tiger.

However, John's energy was welcome throughout last year's Council election race, when he supported me in exposed the then mayor's register of companies and interests, a legislative requirement under the Local Government Act. We found a few companies that we believed should have been included in Kevin Byrne's official declaration, but appeared to be omitted.

A couple of days ago, John spotted his old rival, former Mayor Kevin Byrne, at Cairns Central.

JB: "Hello Big Kev."

KB: "Hello Sluggo!"

JB: "What did you call me?"

KB: "It's a term of endearment"

JB: "That would be the first"

Not many probably know, least of all myself, but Kevin evidently has a sense of humour. John Babet is well-known for sending a myriad of emails to politicians to get their attention of all kinds of issues. He's currently campaigning against the forced fluoridation of water in Cairns.

One of his lengthy emails to Kevin Byrne whilst he was Cairns' Mayor, questioned the legality of the State of Queensland. He got a sharp reply: "Haven't you taken your pills yet John?"


KitchenSlut said...

Perhaps a quick browse through his website can provide a better illumination than any comment of where John's head is at?

Make up your own mind! I did!

Anonymous said...

Be that as it may, the American idea of a people's Grand Jury has some appeal. It wouldn’t necessarily be backed by Legislation. Imagine a voluntary group of our peers hearing complaints against Corporations, Councils and Governments. Run as a proper Court, the “People” versus the Defendant, who, nine times out of ten would be in absentia unless they want to front the tribunal and explain their side of the story. The finding of the Grand Jury would be published for all to see.
Now “the Defendants” might treat that idea with scorn, but hear this, it was how it was done in England in days of yore with the presiding Judge a Justice of the Peace. To be found guilty or not, by a panel of our Peers is exactly what our Courts are all about today.

KitchenSlut said...

Oh dear Rob, Grand Juries everywhere? It all looks too much like pursuit of a witch hunt to me? Ir almost sounds like the Ku Klux Klan?

By the way the CairnsGig Guide website clearly demonstrates that an obscure but committed couple of individuals in the suburbs can beat any collective easily .... the Cairns Entertainment website featured here previously just doesnt cut it yet .... ordinary