Wednesday 18 February 2009

The Joe and Joel Circus

The ink had hardly dried on the new Shadow Finance Minister's official seal, following Julia Bishop's side-step yesterday, yet the Hon Joe Hockey touched down in Cairns at sparrow's fart today, in what looked like the opening of an election campaign.
Cairns LNP candidate, Joel Harrop was on hand and looking like a presidential minder, under the formidable shadow of the shadow minister.

"I stand here in City Place to support Joel and Vic. I see all around me lot's of small businesses, and the the Rudd government isn't supporting these in their latest stimulus handout," Joe Hockey told the packed media scrum, and three Japanese tourists.

Just an hour earlier, Labor's Hon Anthony Albanese MP was across town dishing out Cairns' portion of the $800 million tagged for infrastructure. He handed over a fat cheque to Mayor Val Schier for $899,000. What a meanie, couldn't he have rounded it up to a cool $900K?

This will be spent to clean up Muddy's Chilren's Playground on the Esplanade, and upgrade of the Mossman, Tubruk and Woree Swimming Pools, some streetscapes, and the rest on various community halls around the region.

With all this political activity in our little ol town, me thinks there will most certainly be an early State election.


Anonymous said...

And you're now making the CM Mike.

Not sure if you'd consider that a good thing...

Anonymous said...

I always remember Big Joe Hockey fondly (NOT!) when he was Federal Minister for Industrial Relations under Little Johnnie H., & he was overseeing & facilitating the WorkChoices juggernaut.
It seems post-Johnnie, Big Joe has become Born Again With A Conscience.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if he brought Princess Fiona and Donkey with him.