Thursday 19 February 2009

Pitt is back

Retiring Mulgrave MP, Warren Pitt hopes to hand his comfy seat over to his 32 year old son Curtis.

This evening the ALP announced that the MP's son will be their candidate in the upcoming state election.

However, LNP's Mulgrave candidate Vic Black says it's simply a "new dog, with the same old tricks."

He also slammed the nepotism and blatant disregard for probity used by the Labor Party to select its candidate for Mulgrave. “Can you imagine the raucous criticism that would have been sprayed about if the LNP had engaged in such shenanigans to choose their candidates in Far North Queensland?” Vic Black says.

“This is nothing but a shonky deal by Warren Pitt to have his son parachuted into Parliament."

He says that the electorate of Mulgrave is "not a personal fiefdom for the Pitt family, to be traded like some rotten borough in old England," a cheeky reference to the Pitts of 1800's England.

Although he grew up in Gordonvale, Curtis Pitt now lives and works in Brisbane for the State Government's Indigenous Affairs Taskforce, as one of Anna's many bureaucrats. I don't know when he last lived in the region, but it seems not for many years.

Interestingly, the official ALP press release, makes no mention that 'Curtis Pitt' is the son of the current MP Warren Pitt.

"Curtis is a family man," the statement reads. "He and his wife are expecting their second child this year and he knows how important jobs are to families."

So what do we know about this new face? Well, in 2007 he came 5th place in Brisbane's Corporate Games for the men's tennis singles. He'll need to do better that that this year.

LNP's Vic Black says that it’s time Mulgrave had a representative who listens to them. "Not just in the few weeks before an election, but for the entire period of any Parliament,” he says.


Anonymous said...


Looks as if you are one step ahead of the CP again. No mention of this in their "breaking news" section when I last checked.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The photo of Curtis in the on-line Cairns Post this morning shows a young man with fresh face and prematurely balding hair. But who is he?

I googled Curtis to look at his record of public achievement. In particular I wanted to see how he was going in the field of indigenous job creation and business partnerships.

The only mention of Curtis pitt is as the new candidate for Mulgrave. It appears his sole public achievement is to be his father's son. Nothing wrong with that - but it's not really enough to justify a seat in Parliament.