Friday 13 February 2009

What's on?

Entertainment Cairns is a relatively new website for all things entertainment in Cairns.

You can add events and print out the upcoming week's gigs. Very nice.

The site grew out of the community uprising prior to last year's Council election, where former Mayor Kevin Byrne infamously said if we want "entertainment in the city, go down to the Esplanade!" Maybe that's why he's now the former mayor. Of course PALM (People Advocating Live Music) were talking about the dramatic decline and former Council's lack of support for live music and entertainment venues, as more and more inner-city apartment towers were approved.

The Entertainment Cairns website was put together by people from the music and arts community. "The combined backgrounds of the four founders of Entertainment Cairns include musicians; artist management; event management; web design; studio recording; media and promotions; entertainment industry advocacy; and community arts development," they say.

Like PALM, they are committed to revitalizing live music and performance in Cairns, with the support and blessing of Arts Nexus.

You can also view the CairnsBlog calender of community events, in the right-hand sidebar. Email me with anything you'd like added. All community sites are listed permanently under "Links" on the right-hand side.


The Essence of Good Taste said... is a local event guide produced by two avid local live music fans and lists all sorts and sizes of events. Use it to find an event or list one for free.

Michael P Moore said...

Thanks Essence... your website (was) is listed in the "Fav Links" found in the right-hand sidebar.

How about do some reviews or news for CairnsBlog readers?