Tuesday 10 February 2009

I'm back

Mum told me never to start a letter with an apology.

With that in mind, I won't say sorry for not being very active on CairnsBlog over the last couple of weeks. I note that Byrne's right-hand soldier Dennis Quick's Cairns Watch has been offline for some time now. "Just wait a day or so. I’ve been taking a sabbatical," Dennis told me a week ago.
I've been distracted with other priorities - like some urgent wet season preparation around my properties. Building awning and attending to a raft of other wet season band aids, that should have been completed prior to 2008 - however I was distracted somewhat back then, with some professional mud-slinging for the Council election. We got Val in. Remember her?

Like almost every other resident, there's been a lot of water under our bridge of late. The weather has been causing havoc. Flooding like we've not seen for many years all over Queensland. Bush fires beyond belief in Victoria and New South Wales.

Local self-appointed environmental policeman, Terry Spackman, has been busy filming various dodgy developments around the region. I'll get these up on the CairnsBlog Tube channel to share shortly. There's still lot's to be kept an eye on after Council took over the environmental protection responsibilities from the EPA. So far, we're not impressed.

The newly formed LNP is slowly starting to emerge from the shadows, just wish they got a new leader with an inch of charisma. The jewel in the Far North's political crown, the prized seat of Cairns, held by Labor for 33 million years, is being contested by Joel Harrop, who's already knocking on doors across the electorate. He's also got a website up and running. Just bring back your videos Joel, we miss that dimple.

It's more than I can say for Wendy Richardson who is running for Barron River and Vic Black for Mulgrave. Craig Batchelor will contest Cook, against Labor's Jason O'Brien.

It's going to be the match of the year, without question. Promise not to leave you alone for too long.


Anonymous said...

Michael, Welcome back. I am still waiting for that beer. But then, I am in Coffs Harbour right now and the surf is really up. (My nose most of the time.)
Will be back in two weeks to round up the musos and start a few concerts going.
Hang on snoopy, Regards Rob Williams

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, welcome back. I don't know what it is about January and February up here, but I find sloth and lethargy very easy to accomplish - and anything else requires superhuman effort.

I'm not surprised my old mate Dennis Quick took his blog off-line for a Sabbatical. IMHO I was winning all the arguments (superior knowledge and skill), and he was doing all the work. As it should be.

Welcome back.