Saturday 1 September 2007

About 200 emails a day

I get a lot of emails. Most days it's around 200.

I RSS feed most of the regular web, news and blog sites that I like to read. This allows control and management to digest such a wealth of info and sort the fodder out from the trash.

Spam accounts for about 15 - 25%, however I use AVG, Bigpond and Google filtering engines, and now only get a handful of emails to increase the size of my penis and send my credit card details to the South African Save My Dying Mother Co-Op.

I used to also get a truck load of files that do the rounds, usually via office email lists that you get added to every generation of circulation, howevere, with the video file resource centre that is You Tube, this has ceased (YouTube & I have a late night relationship, whereby I pour a drink, slip into something comfortable, put some Enya on, turn the lights down low.. and ..well you might guess the rest.)

So today Amanda sent me a real treat. It was some pics of the Millau Viaduct Bridge (le Viaduc de Millau), a large road-bridge that spans the valley of the River Tarn in southern France.

It is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world, with the mast's summit at 343 metres — taller than the Eiffel Tower and only 38m shorter than the Empire State Building. The viaduct is part of the road from Paris to Béziers.

Seven European countries helped in the 3 year construction, and at $635 million AUD, it was opened in December 2004.

Here's a large PowerPoint file at 2MB, however, well worth the show.
FILE: HighestBridge.pps

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