Sunday 10 October 2010

Psssst... Wanna buy something that's yours?

Today you can buy Queensland Rail shares. Yippie. But why should Queenslanders be asked to buy into something they already own?

This is the question Premier Bligh and Labor need to answer following today’s launch of the ‘Share Offer Document’ for the fire-sale of QR National.

The ‘Share Offer Document’ also confirmed that the entire proceeds from the sale of QR National, approximately $7 billion, would only raise enough money to pay the interest on Queensland’s debt for 18 months. Yippie.

Opposition LNP Leader John-Paul Langbroek, says that Labor are going to sell-off this large chunk of Queensland Rail, forever, simply to pay 18 months of interest on the state debt that is rocketing up to $85 billion.

“That’s amateur-hour economics; the same sort of amateur-hour economics that saw Bligh, Fraser and Labor rack up the debt and lose our AAA credit-rating in the first place,” John-Paul Langbroek says. "The Government’s pursuit of privatisation proved Bligh and Labor still weren’t listening, and had no intention of listening, to Queenslanders."

Langbroek says he rejects the latest in a string of lies, Bligh’s claim that the proceeds from the privatisation of Queensland Rail would be put towards electricity and water relief.

“When Labor’s secret privatisation plans first came to light, Bligh said it was to help pay-off the record debt Labor had amassed; then she said it was to honour building programs hit by the economic downturn; then she said it was to build more buildings for the future and now she says it’s for bill relief," John-Paul Langbroek said today. “Just as Ms Bligh and Labor lied all along about the process of privatisation, now they are lying about the proceeds of privatisation."

Langbroek says the Liberal National Party has opposed Labor’s privatisation agenda every step of the way.


yk said...

Leave it alone. The major income for QR is from coal haulage. After the next state election if Labor has to enter into a coalition with the Greens to remain in power it will be at the expence of coal exports.

Oh I am so tired! said...

The ALP in Queensland have been in power for 21 years except for 2 years in the late 90's when the National/Liberal Coalition was in power.

Notwithstanding, the Bligh Labor Government must be the last Labor Government for some time. Its is time the LNP be given a go and experience the reigns of Government. Democracy demand it!

Democracy is fragile, and it will not continue to sustain the abuse that is metered out by an arrogant administration consumed by hubris and an attitude that it is the only one that know best.

Have you noticed whenever Bligh is interviewed whether in Queensland or overseas, she always has a smirk on her face, never a serious and concerned visage that the perilous state economy deserves.

An incoming LNP Government will have to make numerous decisive decisions in an effort to restructure the whole of Government. The question is whether they will be up to it and not shirk their grave responsibility.

The evident malaise and the moribund state of a tired Government is on display in every facet of Government.

The ALP boasts Queensland as the smart state, well the people at least are, sadly though we have a dumb Government.

Its time for a change!

I am so tired! said...

yk, as to the success of Green canditates at the next election, I think it is unlikely as I am sure the LNP having learnt a harsh lesson from the recent Green canditate election to Federal election on Liberal preferences, unless the Labor Party vote collapses totally and then benefit from Labor Party preferences. The Liberals will not be as readily complient next time around.

Miss Chief said...

The alternative is the Queensland Party.

CRAG said...

Qld should have a Peoples Bank like the original Commonwealth Bank before it was privatized (raped).

QPBank can then fund through control of the quantity of money :
1.Infrastructure development without going into DEBT with the International BANKSTERS. 2.Home Mortgages @ 1%
3.Business Loans @ 3 %
4.From profits payout the pillaging BANKSTERS

1.We save 90% of Interest
2.We pay no Council Rates
3.Small Business prospers
4.Full Employment
5.No Inflation
6.Banksters can loan only real money not CONputer Debt

Community Reformation Action Group(CRAG)

The Expiditor said...

Chris of Manunda says,

Seems like reverse socialism to me. Normally under a socialist regime you take from the rich [well healed ]and give to the poor [depressed takpayers]....this time round Bligh is taking from the poor [the people] and giving to the rich [those with the cash to spare].
Or are the banks assisting with more disasterous equity lending?