Friday 8 October 2010

Gayle Hannah growled at the Cairns Post, but didn't get Facebook

Gayle joined the online debate on the Post's Facebook page this week, however didn't really understand that it's not all that serious in Facebook land. However she took the opportunity to have a swing at the paper and it's former glory...
  • Gayle Hannah
    supposedly this is the place for "real" people to have their say in response to what "allows" to appear. that's what i am doing right now. i certainly don't rely on it for "news" but it does present itself as a local "news" discussion page - just check out the majority of posts on this page - and it does recycle comments made in here to support editorial content in the cairns post newspaper.

    unfortunately this facebook page, website and the paper are all run by the same media players who use their editorial space and supposed "reporting" to meddle in politics, stir up prejudices and keep the population dumbed down with pages of mindless tripe - not bringing us the genuine objective journalism we really need to grow as an informed community.

    i've lived here for 39 years so i do know about the sad decline of the cairns post - in all that time there really has only been one decent, competent editor.

    the way the cairns post manipulates this facebook page is so patronising and irritating i will indeed hit the unlike button and free up room for more interesting discussions in my news feed. here's a link that sums up where i think cairns has gone ... and contrary to the image and certain local moguls would like to portray - it aint to the beaches .......

  • Cairns Post replied...
    Good morning Gayle. Apologies for the delay in response however thank you for the feedback. This fan page is where we interact with an online Cairns community of friends and blow off a little steam.

    If you're after quality, up-to-the-minute local news coverage visit But if - like the rest of Facebook - you're just here to relax and have a little fun, by all means stick around.

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