Sunday 3 October 2010

Did your clocks automatically change this morning?

It was just after 9am when I got up this morning, or so I thought.

Daylight saving kicked in around 2am this morning and the mobile automatically updated. It gets its information from Sydney no doubt. Stupid bloody technology. Can't even work out where I live.

NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and South Australia, all have daylight saving for the next six months, until April 3rd. However us Queenslanders, along with Western Australia and the Northern Territory, don't.

I think Sir Joh said something about the curtains would fade quicker if we adopted it. And what about the cows on the Atherton Tablelands, would their milking cycles be all confused, by having to get up earlier?


Billy Colless said...

This made shift work last night interesting when i got up at 7 it was really 6... stupid iphone

Silly Billy said...

With Cairns being west of Charleville, daylight saving would be a real pain up here.