Tuesday 4 May 2010

An ominous sign for Cairns

ABC Far North asks the question: Is it an ominous sign for Cairns, following a Tourism Research Australia report that ranked Cairns at number 40.
Mildura, Gippsland and Bendigo were ranked higher than Cairns and Port Douglas in terms of visitor satisfaction.

"65 destinations were ranked in the report, but the real suprise [sic] was Atherton which ranked number 10 overall, well ahead of Cairns at 40," writes ABC Far North on their Facebook page.
"If people would rather go to Armidale, are tourism businesses in Cairns and Port Douglas doing their job?"

There was a negative response when asked if this was an ominous sign for Cairns.
"No, they are just overpaid parasites," writes an angry Col Johnson, who presents on Cairns Community Radio 89.1 FM.

Allan Jenkins said he found local staff often rude and gave an attitude that they really did not care.
"It's sad we love both Cairns and Port Douglas but they are over priced in so many ways, people want value for money and a genuine smiling face. How hard is it?"

ABC Far North said it's interesting that there has so far been a negative response. "[We're] wondering if there are any tourism operators or locals who disagree and if so, why? Cairns and Port Douglas are very competitive markets, is this to their detriment?"


stinhambo said...

I went out for a quick bite to eat on the Esplanade only to be confronted by Eastern Europeans or Asians trying to get me to look at their menus and when I did, high prices.

I want to enjoy a plate of calamari without being $25 poorer.

Sorry but it's easier and significantly cheaper to eat at home.

Goodness knows what the tourists make of it after they get hammered by the exchange rate?

Jude Johnston said...

The Developers moved into Cairns and Port Douglas, bought up the caravan parks and camping grounds, paid inflated prices for land to build crappy apartments. This in turn has pushed the land values up so any restaurant along the Esplanade would have to have high prices and lots of bums on seats to cover the costs. Fortunately, on the Tablelands, the developers didn't quite get there, Hedley got in a few subdivisions but not many. They still have their caravan parks and no highrise, ugly apartments. You have Herberton, Yungaburra, Tinaroo,golf courses, coffee, cheese, chocolate,mangoes, boutique wineries, wild life in its natural habitat, accomodation to suit all tastes and budgets. It is the gateway to the Savannahlands and the gulf and Cairns and Port Douglas can be bypassed.
Cairns and Port Douglas have become over restauranted, over spa'd,over resorted, over apartmented and over priced.

Jan from Kewarra said...

And Jude, while you are at it, the CBD has been allowed to be run down, starting with the god awful fountains and uneven street scaping put in by Kevin Byrne. Just about all of decent shops have moved to Cairns Central or closed down, and the types of shops that have sprung up (Night Owls, and cheap Asian gift and food shops), do nothing to enhance the shopping experience or walk around for visitors, let alone for the residents who work and live here.
I see where the Hardy's jewellry store on the corner of Abbott and Spence is now closing down. Hopefully, another night owl store will go in as I do not think we have one that end of town???!!!

Add to this, the woeful revamp of the Sound Shell which in the past provided great music, great acoustics, shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, and plenty of seats for people to sit and enjoy the music. Now, we have very little music, no shade or shelter and no seats. That area used to be a draw card to the CBD and people walking through would often sit and spend longer enjoying what Cairns had to offer.

If it was not for the presence of Woolworths, I doubt many locals would even venture in there. What for?

No wonder tourists are unhappy and bypassing Cairns.