Friday 7 May 2010

Out Front bar reveals way too much

The new Out Front hostel and bar in Sheridan Street, Cairns, is a bit too out front it seems.

On their Facebook page a message was posted this morning that read...

"Hi Guys, Out Front cafe is opening tonight, come in and meet some new friends."

However, attached was a rather revealing bank statement. Within minutes a raft of comments from readers appeared:

"Should this be here??????," said Aubrey Anderson.

"lol It can happen to anyone!," responded Michael Williams.

"Looks like an interesting menu. Suggest you take it down guys, quick smart!" said Frank Pagram.

"I think that was a BIG mistake OFB. OOPS!" Jason Mills wrote.

The offending post has since been removed.

It sure was a big mistake. Social networking sites like Facebook work in real time, and people interact and respond as things are posted.

Everything posted on social networking websites, is public, and, like Cairns Regional Councillor Kirsten Lesina knows all too well, information posted publicly can be around forever. With web trawling sites like Archive, that store previous versions of websites for years, it can often be impossible to permanently delete some information posted online.

Whoever was let lose on the Out Front office computer, deserves to be taken out back for an up front beating.

PS: I've removed all the revealing juicy bits from the bank statement, but I have to ask why they paid so much for the blow up doll from Holland that requires 6 D size batteries.

PPS: For the record, this is the menu that they should have posted...

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The Generation that invented It said...

I laugh when I hear that there are people who are "Internet Natives" who have never known a world without it. Still makes them stupid. Still can't work it out. Obviously there is more to this than Facebook and Twitter.