Monday 10 May 2010

Wendy Richardson resigns from LNP, running independent for Barron River

Speech pathology teacher Wendy Richardson, who has run unsuccessfully for the Liberals in the Cairns seat in 2006; Tablelands Regional Council in 2008; and the LNP in 2009, will now run as an independent at the next State election.

"Well, I've done it. Today I sent my letter of resignation to the LNP," Wendy Richardson told CairnsBlog at 2:30pm today.

In announcing her resignation from the LNP today, Richardson said she will contest the Barron River seat in the 2012 State election, her fourth election campaign for a council or State seat.

Richardson will be throwing her support behind the two defecting LNP Members of Parliament, Aidan McLindon and Rob Messenger.

“My only interest in being a member of parliament has always been to serve the people, not the power brokers in any party,” Richardson said today. “I have been urged for some time to create a new party or to consider joining other parties, including the new North Queensland Party, but I am concerned that would just mean swapping one hierarchy for another.”
However, at the first public meeting of the North Queensland Party on 13th May, just weeks after the last State in 2009, when Richardson narrowly lost to incumbent Steve Wettenhall, and her LNP failed to gain power across the State, she suggested that the NQ Party put their support behind an established party.

"You need to look at an existing party to run for the next election if you want to make a change," Richardson told the 70 people who turned up to the public meeting at the Cairns RSL. The comment enraged many in the room, causing loud interjections, including an angry rebuttal from local musician Terry Doyle, who was disappointed with the existing major parties.

"Wendy you just lost at the last election. Your party just lost at the last election, and you come here and tell us we shouldn't be running our own party," Doyle yelled. "Don't come here and tell us that. It's the major parties that have let us down. If your lot were any good, you would have won." Terry Doyle then immediately left the meeting in disgust at Richardson's comments and slammed the door.

Such incongruous behaviour won't go unnoticed in the wider electorate she is seeking support from. However, the serial campaigner is not perturbed, and has used her defection to expose the flaws she sees in the LNP.

“There is only one set of people I want to be answerable to – the voters," Richardson said today. “This is not about discipline either. I have worked for five years within the Liberal Party and now LNP, trying to bring about some changes to ensure better policy. Many of the members and the Parliamentary representatives are fine people with great ideals."
"I believe the [LNP] organisation is hampered by the baggage it is carrying from the past.

There is also an unhealthy, undemocratic control currently exerted by a few individuals in the organisational wing of the party. Unfortunately, I cannot see this changing in the near future.

Meanwhile the public are frustrated by the lack of representatives that can speak out on the things that really matter to them.”

“I am sad about my decision in many ways, but optimistic and excited in others. The decision has been driven by my ideal of integrity, and I must be true to myself and the public. The main problem with being an independent is usually the lack of a support network that a party provides, but the notion of a coalition of independents will go a long way to solving that. This is why I have made this decision now, following the actions of former LNP Members of Parliament, McLindon and Messenger.”

Wendy Richardson says she believes the electorate is looking for a real alternative.

"This is the time to move to ensure they have that real choice. I realise a state election is quite a way off, and a Federal election is next on the agenda, but people tell me they want to get to know their candidates way before the next election. Now I can give them that chance,” Richardson says.

“As an independent, people will know straight from me what I will stand for and what they can expect. There will be no filters, no constraints.”

Her personal website still features her LNP affiliation.

In the 2006 State election, ALP's Desley Boyle gained 49.21% against then Liberal candidate Wendy Richardson with 33.71%. In Barron River, Stephen Welsh gained 34.6% for the Libs, against ALP's Steve Wettenhall on 41.5%, and Dennis Walls 13.2% with the Greens.

In 2009, Wettenhall gained 43.2% against Richardson with the LNP on 43.8%. There was just 161 votes difference. Sarah Isaacs with the Greens gained 12.9%.

Wendy Richardson has a degree in speech therapy and has studied in special education. She has her own practice in speech pathology, specialising in literacy skills, focusing on early childhood education.


LNP supporter said...

Wendy when will you get the drift that you are unelectable. The LNP have been more than kind to you, but you can not expect them to keep endorsing you in the hope that you might win one day. Barron River should have been won by the LNP last time and yet you failed to deliver yet again.
Sour grapes and a spoiler best describes your latest stunt. At least you jumped before you were pushed.
Oh, by the way I still think your a spunky woman but sadly unelectable.
Time to say adios.

Wendy Richardson said...

Hmmm..... am I the only one up reading my own media coverage tonight??

Anyway, Michael, you are right. I did urge NQ Party members to get behind LNP last year. At that time I knew LNP was definitely trying to do more then Labor for FNQ - by a long shot. And I did want NQ Party members to think carefully about splitting the vote.

Since that time though, some issues have arisen that have affected my support for the LNP. And they go a lot further than anything personal, or about their support for NQ.

However, I believe the voters care more for what I will support in future and how I can achieve that, than me having a swipe at LNP. So I hope to focus on that.

I am well aware of the criticism of me standing already 3 times, but my one shot as an Independent (for Tablelands Regional Council)saw me miss out by just 18 votes after a very brief 5 week campaign.

I may not have gained the seat, but I feel far from a failure.

Re the changes in voter support you quote from the last two elections in Barron River, readers should note it was myself ahead by those 161 primary votes with an overall improvement on either the former Liberal candidate's performance, or mine, of around 10%.

Miss Chief said...

Well done Wendy! It takes courage to leave the well regimented party system. I'd like to stress that Wendy only lost out on her last attempt because the Greens gave their preference to Steve W...because Wendy was told not to approach the Greens. Before preferences she had the numbers on the board.
We(the general public)are getting a rough deal from just about all parties at the moment. Time we let our pencils do the talking for us on the ballot papers.
I really think it's time politicians actually started listening to the voters and not the backroom boys...the party officials who pull the strings. Politicians work for US - NOT the other way around!
Heck, I'd better stop or I'll still be here when the sun comes up!

Unknown said...

Wendy, Now the important thing to do is share your policies with us. I'm really concerned about hoons. What do you think we should due to stop hoons, especially on the Northern Beaches?

Unknown said...

Serial hoons should be named and shamed. They don't care about the law, or losing point on their license. Naming them might just show that it isn't cool and doesn't impress anyone. Do you support that as a policy?

Bryan Law said...

"LNP supporter", mate, you have such a strong record of acievement yourself. I mean, wow!, making anonymous blog posts really gives you the right to judge others. How could we argue with such wisdom.

How could anyone be elected against your advice.

On the Other hand, Wendy is entitled to say and do what she thinks best for democracy in Queensland, and a savvy, modern LNP would be a great help in holding the ALP accountable.

Warren doesn't want Wendy!! said...

This from ABC news...

Third LNP defection 'isn't an issue'

By Francis Tapim

Posted 1 hour 3 minutes ago

Liberal National Party (LNP) president Bruce McIver says the resignation of a party candidate in far north Queensland is not a major concern.

Former Barron River candidate Wendy Richardson has followed the lead of MPs Aidan McLindon and Rob Messenger and quit the party to run as an independent at the next state election

Mr McIver says it is unlikely Ms Richardson would have been chosen to represent the party anyway.

"We are not concerned about this at all. I've talked to Warren Entsch - he's our regional chairman in north Queensland - and both Warren and I agree this isn't really an issue at all," Mr McIver said.

"It would be highly unlikely that Wendy would have had the support of the party to run again and I think she has taken the opportunity to change her status."

Syd Walker said...

I have no allegiance to Wendy Richardson, whom I have I barely met.

However, the self-styled 'LNP supporter' (so courageous he/she won't even give a name!) who sneers that a number of past defeats show Wendy is 'unelectable' is probably saying what they would like to be true. One suspects they only bothered to say it because they're concerned it isn't true.

Many successful politicians stumbled en route to eventual success. Persistance is very much part of the necessary skill-set.

If Wendy crafts a policy platform with broad appeal to the Barron River electorate, she may well have good prospects for victory at the next State election.

In any event, widening the voters' choice is a positive. For that reason alone I welcome Wendy's announcement.

If Steve Wettenhall wants to retain the seat, he'll need to raise his game. A good start would be cutting through the obfuscation and red tape - and ensuring that the region's garbage is no longer transported to Mareeba via the Kuranda Range road. If it must be transported to the Tablelands, send it by rail!

When conservationists campaigned successfully against the proposed billion dollar plus Range Road 4-Lane Highway a few years back, we always made clear the need for serious demand management to improve safety and reduce strains on the current scenic road.

Demand management includes providing people with real transport alternatives such as regular, reliable bus and rail - and shifting freight off the road whenever possible.

We are still waiting...

Johnny and Carloe said...

Wendy has run like a zillion time s and although she shes she only lost my a few votes here and there.. she still LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for a new face and one that won't make us cringe when I hear her speak...please

serial hoon said...

get the rubbish trucks off the range road, they are messing with my game!

Alf said...

Rubbish on the rail. You are spot on Syd. Rail unions are pushing for this, but watch Labor hide. It is not part of their privatisation plan!

Miss Chief said...

Hey Johnny - I read your post...which is obviously more than you did. That's a bad stutter you have mate - better make an appointment to see a speech pathologist.

Wendy's Ice Cream is yummy said...

if we want the spunkiest (female) candidate.. then Wendy would win hands down... but if we want....

Unknown said...

Wendy's policy on hooning? The courts stripped her of her drivers license last year for her hooning offences!!! What a hypocrite!!!!

Kathleen J said...

So now who will be the likely LNP candidate for Barron River?

I'm picking one of the three Amigoes!

Cairns4life said...

Kathleen - it wont be an amigo!!

Thornton On Spence said...

Come on Alan Blake seeing as how you think you are so popular why don't you throw your hat in the ring. If Jim Turnour can get elected then so could another incompetant fool like you.
Maybe you know the LNP would never want you or even consider you.

Anne Jackson said...

I,too,have defected the LNP,for various reasons, and will be supporting Wendy. I admire her greatly for all she is trying to do for "the people".

But I am DEFINATELY not her "Lapdog" as someone once called me. I do have a mind of my own,and my own opinions. I hope there are people out there who will be also supporting Wendy in all she is trying to do.

Lance Royce said...

Well, Wendy "The Decayed Tooth" Richardson is gone...

Interesting things are happening in Queensland, two LNP MP's have resigned from the Party and now the former LNP candidate for Barron River Wendy "The Decayed Tooth" Richardson has resigned from the LNP within a week of the other defections. A couple of reason why she made the move now:

1. She was never going to get LNP pre-selection!

2. Her continual dance with the anti- fluoride loonies!

3. Her lectures to the Far North Party.

4. The resurgence of Larry "Gomer Pyle" Springborg to the leadership of the LNP!

5. The coming fight between Tim Nichols and John Paul Langbroek for deputy.

6. The same losers in Brisbane are still running the LNP for instance: Gary "Geoff Greene" Spence.

This all adds up to a death spiral on the part of Queensland LNP and gives oxygen to a dead Queensland Labor Party once again. These LNP morons in Brisbane are beyond belief, they will do anything it takes to lose the next State election!

I predict the end is near for the LNP and that could be sooner rather than later!

Arealist said...

If you labor loonies are wishing and a hoping. nothing on frigging earth will save jim "I,m a complete cockhead" or the "four useless bastards " we have here.

Webnut Willy said...

Hahahhahahah Wendy's website

"Maintenance Mode is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Please try back in 364 days, 3 hours, and 30 minutes (on May 11, 2011 at 3:22 pm). Sorry for the inconvenience."

She sure needs some maintenance!!!

I will however take her advice and check back 364 days!!

Willie Bridgette said...

Thats our wonder the LNP sent her the message...thanks for your past efforts but we now wanna win Barron River.

Unknown said...

Has she got her drivers license back yet? Wendy, how many times have you had to appear in court for driving offences?

Barry Daniels said...

Question to Michael Moore?
Could you explain why is it that somebody who is using the same name as mine shows up in blue writing and not mine.
Thanks Barry

Michael P Moore said...

Barry (the real one!) the simple answer is, that the blue one - usually links to a Google/Blogger profile, means that they have registered that name.

I suggest you do the same. You can set up a Google nic name (or with another service) which you then use to log into when posting a comment...

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If you're still confused, call Jim Turnour's office otherwise email me