Thursday 20 May 2010

What did Kirsten say to Julia?

There's a political clusterhug-fest* going on in Cairns at the moment.

On Tuesday we had Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage, the Arts, Pink Batts, and Parts of False Cape, the Hon Peter Garrett in town.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard rocked into the unemployment capital of Australia.

"It was an honour to meet Julia as she is such a a strong female role model," Cairns Regional Councillor Kirsten Lesina said, who luckily is the same height and didn't breach any security concerns. "There was a roomful of people waiting to meet and get pictures with her, so I didn't have time for a long chat."

Mayor Val Schier introduced Lesina to Gillard, as 'the youngest ever Councillor to be elected in the region.'

"Congratulations! Can I ask how old you are? And why did you decide to throw your hat in the ring," Julia Gillard enquired of the Gen Y councillor.

Even publicity whore, hulk-lookalike and former James Cook University student president, Billy Colless, was there to get snapped with the lady first in line to the throne.
"She was so nice, I wish i had a whole day to spend with Julia," Billy said, moist with enthusiasm. "She was soooo great to speak with, and she has the softest hands."

Soft hand or not, with a Federal election looming, local MPs are turning up at public events without even being invited, some are defecting from their party faster than you can say "don't vote, the bastards will get in," so be assured the election campaign is well and truly alive.
NB: *Clusterhug-fest - probably not a real word.


Barry of Palm Cove said...

which one is Mssss Gillard?

fadarch said...

Hope Julia picks up a copy of today's paper and sees "Police probe into LNP fraud claims" Doubt if much mention will be made of it here though.

Paul said...

Soft hands. Ewwwwww. She may be an example to wimyn everywhere but enough with the touchy-feely (emphasis on the feely it would seem).

I Am The Stig said...

I just saw Julia and a large entourage including that Oxygen Depletor Jim Turnour entering the highly challenging environment of Journalism at SEA FM and HOT FM. As I was unable to listen to what were obviously going to be probing and challenging questions I can only assume she handled the high pressure of the moment situation well.
Potsie...Hi Julia what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Julia....I will have to refer you to Jimmy he should be able to answer that.
Potsie...Is it true your partner is a Hairdresser and styles your hair.
Julia....Well you have really put me on the spot but I can say he does choose the colour from the Dulux Outdoor Red Collection.
Potsie....Julia you met Kirsten Lesina last night what was your impression
Julia.....Was she the Lesbian Security Guard at the Nightclub I went too. Jimmy is she the one who wore Jeans to a function we had.
Jimmy.....I'll have to check as I can never give a straight answer Julia.
Potsie....Thanks Julia I hope we weren't too tough with you. By the way is it true your nickname is CD because when you walk down the aisle of an Aircraft your arse touched seats C and D

I can't wait to hear her on Maccas show or are the rumours true he failed to secure an Interview with her because he may have asked too many difficult questions like Public Housing, Unemployment in Cairns and Kevin Rudds falling popularity.