Wednesday 26 May 2010

The Former Member for Leichhardt invites you...

The Artist formally-known as the Member for Leichhardt, must be a good cobber with Reef Casino chief Allan Tan.

Tan has bestowed the auspicious title of North Queensland Patron of the Arts and Former Member for Leichhardt, on LNP candidate, the Hon Warren Entsch.

Invitations have gone out to the Cairns social artisans and b-grade paparazzi, to witness the opening of local artist Jo Hardie's new exhibition, Summery, Thursday at 5:30pm.

Famous dad and environmentalist, Bob Irwin will also be there, probably in khakis.

Artist and sculptor Jo Hardie has also created works in partnership with Australian Rainforest Foundation and is behind the Cairns Candle Factory. Hardie's works will be on display at the Reef Casino until August 31st.

Another famous art lover of all things gallery, Cairns Regional Councillor Allan Blake, will probably be spotted at the function. Like Entsch, he has been awarded an extra title by his colleagues: FNQ Former Chair of Council Finance Committee and Local Government Regional Minister of the Arts and Harbour Views.


Colin Riddell said...

I certainly hope the gutless pandering councilors that squashed cr rob pynes motion.

“That Cairns Regional Council write to the State and Commonwealth Government, requesting a complete ban on the killing of dugongs and turtles in Green Zones in the Cairns Regional Council area.”

The method of killing may vary, but when dealing with threatened and endangered species, the main problem is that a dead animal cannot breed. All killing in Green Zones must stop to allow these species to thrive and increase in number.

I will be there and if you go I will have an animated chat with you, BUT I won't tell you to f off like a female councilor told me to last week!
Zoo animals well looked after in a cage excited you lot though , if you only had the gumption to re vote on robs motion!

Fiona Tulip said...

I also saw where Bob Irwin was meeting and dining with members of the Urban Institute of Australia in Cairns (in other words = developers).

Perhaps someone should inform Mr Irwin about the following:

Glencorp = destroyed Deadman's Creek and wildlife corridor, Clifton Beach

Frost = destroyed a tributaries of Deep Creek and wildlife corridor, Kewarra Beach

Vision Group = polluted Deep Creek to the tune of $100,000 fine, Paradise Palms.

Vision Group = destroyed Conservation areas and successfully managed to get Conservation areas reassigned to residential zonings, Paradise Palms.

Mr Hartwig = bulldozed a whole mountain side, destroying vegetation, wildlife, creeks and turned it into a lunar landscape, Foley road, Palm Cove.

Thackral's Argentea = put a road through a designated melalecca wetland, Palm Cove, and put two bridge crossings across creeks within 100 m of each other to gain access to beachfront.

Oh and then there is False Cape of course.....

Has anyone briefed Mr Irwin, on the destruction of the enviroment here in Cairns, in the name of progress and greed.

There is plenty to be found......

Kate said...

Hi Colin, Would love to attend and meet Bob Irwin, but am in Canberra and have a meeting later today with Tanya Plibersek, Housing Minister.Have a good night!!!
Kate Dewar

I Am The Stig said...

I attended this opening dressed in my customary White Drivers Suit and White Helmet to ensure total anonimity. I must encourage everyone to head down to the Casino and look at these clever and beautiful works of art by Jo. A unique Artist working with Wax.

Wozza gave his customary bumbling and poorly prepared speech dressed in an outfit that must have been specially selected to match Bob Irwins Kaki.

The evening was particularly enjoyable as there were no sightings of Cr Alan Blake although I did check Vertigos in case he was lost.

Well done Jo and well done also to the Casino for displaying the Art.

Colin Riddell said...

Fiona tulip, believe me bob has been briefed and they may not like what they hear, bob does not hold back.

I suggest you listen to bobs interview on derryn hinch on my website.

And as a courtesy to you I will show him your comments.

Connie said...


Bob was quizzed on this stuff on Maccas show last week.

He sounded out of his depth, and did not have a satisfactory response either way....

colin riddell said...

bob was not out of his depth ,it was in response to cafnec stooge steve , who have not assisted in our campaign at all ,and rang in to big note himself to bob, I asked bob to wash over this hijack attempt by useless cafnec, so blame me not bob.
I also ripped steve a new backside after I got home as he contacted me for the very first time because I bagged his useless orginisation on air, why no contact in the last 10 months ?

colinwhodares said...


Stooge or not, the cafnec flunky had a point, but you chose to avoid it cos you did not like the messenger.

And so an opportunity was lost for Dugongs.

Saving this species is about more than just one issue.

Just as reducing the road toll is more than only adressing drink driving.

You are of course to be applauded for your work so far, but if you are really fair dinkum you shouldn't be playing politics and avoiding the hard questions.

Anyone can talk tough, but not everyone can handle the truth.

Bird smuggling for fun and profit said...

Ripped a new backside! Oooh scary stuff Col.
Did it feel good, or did you do it because your mate Wazza put you up to it?
What a shame to see you become the weak politician you so despise....

colin riddell said...

.steve wrote to me.
"In your talk to John Mckenzie you said CAFNEC has been silent on this issue, it could also be said you are silent on Dugong habitat destruction, another important issue for Dugong survival"


And I can handle it you gutless nameless blogger at least use your name .
What cafnec should be asked is why you are silent on this killing issue ? just ringing up kissing bobs klacker is poor.
Your useless funded orginisation should have been all over this years ago, wonder why not $$$$$$$?

colin riddell said...

ps I did not avoid the question I just urged bob to fob off a funded person seeking publicity for his weak group.
That has offered no assistance at all in 10 months.

Connie said...

I thought you said Bob does not hold back????

Oh I see, except when you tell him otherwise.

Bob Irwin - Col Riddell's puppet
for Entsch's political purpose!

Sally-Anne said...

What about a campaign to stop the illegal and cruel, import and export of ornithological fauna.

Run that one by your "work choice" mate Entsch.

colin riddell said...

mmmmmm looks like I stirred up the people that avoid the deodorant isle at woolies.
must have hit a nerve !

Syd Walker said...

I am now unsure whether Colin Riddell genuinely wants to achieve conservation of dugongs, or whether he's just engaging in a politically-motivated point-scoring exercise.

I recently posted a comment on the thread Cairns turtle and dugong activist campaigns against slaughter caught on video

I acknowledged the role Colin's efforts played in making me take a closer look at the issue. I suggested negotiation with the Aboriginal community offers a way forward. After all, to succeed, the indigenous community must 'own' any decision to stop the kill. Without Aboriginal agreement and participation, there's no-one to police a ban on killing dugong in many of the remote areas - irrespective of outsiders' views on the rights and wrongs.

No response or comment (yet) from Colin - yet he seems to have plenty of time to ridicule organisations such as CAFNEC that - whatever its faults and weaknesses - has played a central role in environmental advocacy in this region for more than a quarter century.

It's a shame, because endangered wildlife need more genuine advocates in our community.

col riddell said...

Why don,t you become one then syd instead of being an advocate for a useless mob?

bob beamon said...

I agree Syd. I have been stepping aside from this discussion because Colin's constant aggression, often direct towards quite reasonable comments, is extremely offputting. CAFNEC, as you say, have done a fantastic job over long years, on very limited funds, in advocating strongly for environmental protection.

Steve Ryan is of course right in stating that environmental protection is at the core of species protection irrespective of what one thinks about indigenous rights to hunt. If Colin had done any reading or reflecting on the topic he would know that from work protecting megafauna all over the world.

I love dugongs and have spent years studying the natural world and trying to protect it but Colin's approach is at risk of being seriously counter-productive.

I hope this doesn't lead to a barrage of abuse from Colin.

Matt CYP said...

I'd like to see dugong and turtles protected everywhere too - but the sort of nasty, intemperate, abusive invective constantly spewed by Colin Riddell won't achieve anything.

If Mr Riddell is serious about doing something constructive for conservation of dugong, he will control himself - but that's unlikely, he seems to be more interested in abusing other people, presumably because he enjoys it.

All he is doing is alienating normal people who might otherwise support his stance - it is no more than undisciplined self-indulgence.

Tom K said...

Well said Sally-Anne. Seems as though our aggressive friend Colin must be unaware of who he is getting into bed with (or should that be rare bird cage ideal for the export market!).

Surely being such a self-righteous purist would make Colin run a country mile from the "Artist who used to be the Member for Leichhardt".

col riddell said...

I would love to know what supposed "support" you would offer? in the ten months this has been running with no support.
You ignored this your whole lives you should hang your heads in shame,what you call me matters not ,the government will stop this this week or in three years.Not you ,pew , cafnec, greenpeace all the silent ones.