Thursday 6 May 2010

LNP in a tail spin after defections

The LNP, only in their infancy as a political party, are going to have to face their dirty laundry being aired out in public as MPs Rob Messenger and Aidan McLindon resigned.
McLindon has always been outspoken and should be able to retain his popularity as an independent. He believes that the LNP and Labor are “two heads on the same creature”.
“I will not compromise my position as an elected representative and I cannot in good conscience continue to be a member of a major political party under Queensland’s current political landscape of incompetence on one side and complacency on another,” Aidan McLindon said yesterday.
Both McLindon and Messenger may form a group of independents for the state election in 2012.
LNP Leader John-Paul Langbroek has said good riddance to the two.
“It’s like lancing a boil. These two individuals are not even willing to front their colleagues today to explain their actions,” Langbroek said.
This is not the news that the party needs as Queensland voters pick between a LNP and Labor candidate for the first time in the upcoming Federal election.

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