Thursday 6 May 2010

Kiwi Maoris get their own Facebook


Sandy Edgar said...

Are you normally in the habit of putting racist images on your blog? Not cool mate, I'd suggest you remove this image.

Unknown said...

No. But I do allow comments from people with no sense of humour.

Sandy Edgar said...

I do have a sense of humour

the ability to perceive, appreciate, or express what is funny, amusing, or ludicrous
( )

but that image is racism:

the belief that people's qualities are influenced by their race and that the members of other races are not as good as the members of your own, or the resulting unfair treatment of members of other races.
( )

You might want to learn the difference between the two. In fact how about you take the time to learn about the Maori people before you post derogatory images ( )

I will be putting in a complaint with your host because as I said earlier that it's not cool to post this kind of image.

Marion BH said...

Watch out Mike... the moral internet censorship police have arrived at cairnsblog!!!! Wonder if Sandy is the daughter of Stephen Conroy?!

This image and many Facebook parody's like it( (one of god, the KKK, Aboriginals, Nazis, and even Kiwis) have been doing the rounds for ever.

get a life Ms Sandy Edger... better still ... don't follow a blog that you get upset about you can't control what other say and share....

Grace Racer said...

weird one sandy e.

humour is very subjective., what some find funny - others don't.

just take a chill pill and go back over to

Dennis J Trembath said...

it's bloody funny and I'm a Maori. Have been all of my life.

So does that make it ok sandy pandy????

Now, let's stick another prawn on the barbie...

Jim Jam Jason said...

putting in a complaint to your host... what google?? i think these pre-internet historic conservative monsters should buggar off

Jevan Goulter said...

It's the internet and facebook and that's the sort of stuff that goes on it.

I have a sense of humour so find it kinda funny, however I'm sure my Aunty probably wouldn't, however my Aunty wouldn't head on a war path about it.

People percieve things differently to some funny and to some racist and I think both sides are right and justified! It's funny however

I'm not sure it is something I would personally post however it is something I would laugh at never the less I would not want to offend a lot of traditional older Maori people and be called a racist.

I am already called enough things as it is! Something I'd laugh at but not something I would post.

Yes it is racist And it's probably considered being more racist being posed by a European however it is also funny. If Tama Iti or somebody like that posted it I'm sure I would be considered hilarious. Face book Tau Henare and see what he thinks, I reckon he might have a bit of a laugh .

Hon Tau Henare - New Zealand Māori Member of Parliament said...

Kia ora Michael, haha, you know my irreverant style of humour only gets me into trouble.

I couldnt help but laugh and then get a wee bit mad about it. It doesnt worry me, Ive got a thick skin and am just waiting for the Aussie page. Its actually funny but then a bit sad, but hey, I didnt die looking at it.