Monday 31 May 2010

Bartlett blogs on Wild Rivers

Former Senator Andrew Bartlett, writes about the Wild Rivers debate on his blog...
  • "Contention over Queensland’s Wild Rivers legislation has been bubbling along for quite a while now. Unfortunately, as with many issues which become polarised, each “side” is focused on defending their position, which has meant that some important underlying issues are not getting the attention they deserve.

    I’ve just had a piece on this topic published at The Drum on the ABC’s website. It’s fairly long, so they published it in two parts – the
    first part is at this link and the second part is at this one. I should emphasise that the article reflects my personal views, and is not a formal view of the Greens, nor of ANTaRQueensland, who I am also involved with."

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N. Umpe said...

An interesting read if you skip the predictable Bryan Law rants.