Monday 24 May 2010

MPs let loose at our schools. May God help the poor kiddies

Today marks the start of Education Week, and as an extra treat, most of the region's MPs are heading off to a local school to frighten the kiddies.

As part of State Education Week, Principal for a Day is held across Queensland today. According to the bureaucrats, it enables schools to "forge important partnerships with business and community leaders."

"Over 100 Business and community leaders are visiting Queensland state school to job shadow a principal during a regular school day, gaining an insight into the daily operations of state schools and allowing school communities to interact with important role models," the Department of Education says.

Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt will right now be the shortest kid on the block at Bentley Park College.

Meanwhile, on the Northern Beaches, Barron River MP Steve Wettenhall will be standing in the corner writing out 100 times "I will be nice to Bluewater residents, but not to Wendy Richardson" at Smithfield High School, while Barry Courtney steps aside to play on the internet.

There's no report if Cook MP Jason O'Brien, or Desley Boyle, member for Cairns and her mate, Leichhardt Federal MP Jim Turnour, will also be lining up for school-yard duties.

I hope the parents were warned.

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Kate said...

Steve Wettenhall and the word nice in the one sentence is an oxymoron.
The last conversation I had with Mr Wettenhall was discussing the impact the public housing project would have on tourism in Palm Cove.
He screamed down the phone at me. I had to hold the phone at arms length. The man has an obvious anger problem and is out of touch with his constituents.