Friday 7 May 2010

UK election could produce a well-hung parliament

The UK election campaign comes to an end today, with polls closing at 9am Aust time, so results will be flowing in by midday.

KiwiBlog says the UK Polling Report has the average of the polls being Conservatives 35%, Labour 28% and Lib Dems 27%. They project this to be Conservatives the biggest party but 52 short of a majority.

"Their projection has Conservatives at 274 and Labour at 264, so not impossible Labour could remain largest party, and govern again," David Farrar says. "However are projecting Conservatives 308,Labour 198 and Lib Dems 113. You need 326 seats to govern." is projecting 297 Conservative, 225 Labour and 96 Lib Dems.

"So really it could be anything from a narrow Labour plurality of seats, to a narrow Conservative majority. That’s what will make the actual results so exciting," Farrar says.

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