Monday 24 May 2010

In breaking news, Cairns Post announces...

In late breaking news, the Cairns Post announces free Maroons stubby coolers are on offer this week.

"The Cairns Post Bikini Crew at the Courthouse Hotel this Wednesday! Watch the big game on the big screen and present a token to The Cairns Post Bikini Crew to get your FREE glow-in-the-dark stubby cooler! Tokens appearing in The Cairns Post on Tuesday 25 May," the Post reports.

"Join the Bikini Crew for Game 1 from 4pm. Kick off at 8pm."

The ghosts of Mark Alexander and Andrew Webster still linger, it seems.

Also, today, the Post is changing its Facebook page from an old profile to a sparkling new one with added logos and extra titties.

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all that glitters said...

Looks like they aren't the only one to change the profile of their pages... Shall we critique yours?