Sunday 16 May 2010

Jim seeking $40m federal funding for Cairns waterfront cultural precinct

Following last week's budget, Leichhardt MP Jim Turnour says the planned cultural precinct on the Cairns waterfront is a key agenda item in Canberra.

"II spoke to the Prime Minister and Treasurer about it again yesterday," Turnour said late last week.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY - Federal MP Jim Turnour talking over the Cairns Cultural Precinct with PM Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan on Budget Day last week. They seemed all smiles at the time...

"Frankly, I didn't expect a line item in the budget for the project. We've got to recognise that this is a significant project for which we've only very recently had any real detail," Jim Turnour said.

"A project of this magnitude needs to be properly assessed. I know the council was seeking $3.3 million for planning but I am looking for up to $40 million in federal funding towards the Regional Performing Arts Centre as the first stage of the Cultural Precinct."

"There are plenty of plans for performing arts centres gathering dust in this town and I think it is important to get a commitment for construction of the first stage, not just for project planning," Jim Turnour said.


Noj Nedlaw said...

One may sound a tad cynical - but it sounds like there is an election in the wind. Sure we will get a promise, but will we get a single dolalr? Don't forget that Steve Wettenhall promised the same toilet block at Barron Falls for several elections!

Tuiter said...

This tosser should realise it is the minority that want this and not the majority !
Ratepayers will wear this noose for eons to come ,if the the frigging government want it let them build and maintain itlet them. Stuff it up your bum jimmy!

Rett Ompt said...

This Tuiter and Imposter characters recently commenting on this Blog are really getting into this tossing business. Warren must be proud to have such informed and versatile supporters. But each to their own I guess. Personally I, and I am sure a large percentage of Cairns ratepayers can see the massive economic and cultural advantages of having this precinct going ahead as soon as possible before the State government (either party) flogs the land off for another block of waterfront flats.

Clifton Ratbags Rule said...

Just as like predicted, the Labor party can't NOT spend money. And as they assess how many of these marginal seats they're going to lose, the money splash will begin despite them playing "austerity" budget games.

I predict another $2-3billion committed before the election. Which shouldn't be a problem, because these Labor wankers will be gone.

YK said...

What this blog doesn't say is that Kev thinks its a great idea but in the wrong place. It seems to me that the only regional location benefiting from Federal funding at the moment is Christmas Island.

I hate Imposters said...

That photo is not genuine and was taken for electoral purposes only which I am sure will be used by Jimmy as the image of a mover and shaker. Yes, another stunt, quite farcical really.
It would have been far more beneficial for the nation if Dudd and Goose were working for the nation instead of working for the lost Labor cause especially in written off electorates.

Jan from Kewarra said...

It is really scandalous that Jim Turnour would prefer to find $40 million for a waterfront cultural precinct, at the expense of a few a hundred thousand to stop our young people committing suicide and becoming total delinquents, who will probably turn into serial offenders, and be a burden on taxpayers long into the future.

Jim Turnour and his mob have recently removed the funding for two well established and well recognised programs benefiting our community namely, the mentoring program in Cairns and the Edward Koh suicide prevention program, also in Cairns.

Shame on you Jim!

Thornton On Spence said...

You can just imagine it. A line of useless performers standing outside the room like naughty school children and a Rudd Assistant yelling next for the photo come on Turnour move it we've got 42 more photos to take stop shining the PM's shoes you brown noser!!!!!
I wonder how close to the truth this is?

I hate Imposters said...

Hahaha..where is Dudd's spiral note book...oh he doesn't get it. And I do not see a gold pen in Goose's hand either.

toottoot said...

Maybe we really know jim turnitup was really asked to piss off and you know it too.

Ed in Edge HIll said...

Mr. I Hate Imposters,

You're absolutely right. Just to the left of Jim "Empty Suit" Turnour is a long line of Labor MP's, all who are in marginal seats, waiting for their turn to get a photo-op with KRudd.

Turnour is a disgrace. This morning on the radio he couldn't even answer a resident about why all the "federal" construction being done in Cairns wasn't given to local contractors. He's waiting breathlessly by the phone for his Labor party handler to give him the right answer.

Unknown said...

What a waste of money

Be a lot better off using it to create jobs for the regions unemployed...

No wonder I am no longer a member of the labor paty!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

I am absolutely with Jan from Kewarra re the defunding of the Youth Mentoring Scheme & Koch Suicide Prevention programme. I know the YMS was funded for, I think 50K a year, & I dare say the Koch programme was probably similar. A mere drop in the ocean compared to the annual Fed budget, but small drops so important to many people.

However, I have no problem with seeking funding for a Performing Arts Centre. I think it's high time Cairns had such a facility, & it's common knowledge that full-scale ballets & concerts cannot be performed here due to space limitations at the Civic, & awful acoustics at the Convention Centre.

To my mind, this would enhance the attributes of the Convention Centre, & open up further convention opportunities - which is, after all, one of Cairns biggest earners.

I dare say the Convention centre took a few bucks to build, & I dare say there were the same comments about its' cost as are currently made about the Performing Arts Centre. The PAC is also wanting to incorporate the Museum crew into the structure, which would be fab.

OK, the 'volcano' idea seems a tad odd (mind you, it just might mimic the Gordonvale Pyramid in the distance) but why not open it up to a design competition, & make sure to get an entry from whomever designed the Convention Centre, & maybe they can tie the two buildings together.

I know there's lots of good causes to which money can be put, and culture is but one of them. And Tuiter, there's plenty of people here interested in kulcha - many of us do not fish, drink beer, or watch football or drag car racing - believe it or not!

There's also the point that there's lot of talented kids here, who would well benefit from seeing world-class Australian & O.S. performers.

Dutchie said...

Check out this facebook site for a better understanding of what is proposed