Wednesday 19 May 2010

'Wendy Richardson is off to a very poor, but predictable start' - Wettenhall

Barron River MP, Steven Wettenhall, says his opponent, newly independent and LNP defector Wendy Richardson, is off to a very poor but predictable start, jumping onto a new populist bandwagon. With a touch of Jessica Watson, Steve writes solo and unassisted. However, it's far from clear who will get the pink carpet welcome in 2012.

Wendy Richardson's rant on public housing shows why the LNP had such grave reservations about her judgement and her capacity to be a credible and competitive candidate at the next state election.

A grandstanding serial candidate of the first order, Ms Richardson isn’t worried about letting facts get in the way of a media release.

Contrary to Ms Richardson’s claims, I have never labelled opponents of social housing in Palm Cove or Trinity Park as NIMBY’s. Raising resident concerns in the Parliament on April 13, I stated that it was “perfectly legitimate” for residents to raise concerns and that I believed “many are genuinely concerned for the welfare of those who will be housed in these new apartments”

"The social housing projects at Trinity Park and Palm Cove will be quality energy efficient homes that I am sure people will be proud to live in and look after. When they are built, I will be there to welcome the new residents."

The same cannot be said of Ms Richardson. How disingenuous of her to assert that she cares about tenant welfare. What Ms Richardson cares about most is getting her name in the news and on the ballot paper – any ballot paper, any seat, any election.

Not only can’t Ms Richardson get what I said right, she can’t even get right what her new best friends are on about. Contrary to her claim that LNP deserter Aidan McLindon MP will present a petition in the Queensland parliament on behalf of Barron River constituents, the Member for Beaudesert has today informed me that he will be doing no such thing.

As I have done in the past, I will take up concerns of residents about state government issues regardless of my personal beliefs or whether I agree with their arguments. That includes tabling petitions in the Parliament or forwarding documents for the Minister’s consideration.

The social housing projects at Trinity Park and Palm Cove will be quality energy efficient homes that I am sure people will be proud to live in and look after. When they are built, I will be there to welcome the new residents.

The state government, in partnership with the federal government, is building a variety of social housing types including units, duplexes and detached houses distributed throughout our community, not concentrated in just a few locations.

As well as expanding the stock of much needed social housing, these projects are providing jobs in the local construction industry which has been devastated by the GFC.

I support the right of people who cannot afford to own their home or rent on the private market to have access to social housing including in suburbs like Palm Cove and Trinity Park. I support government projects that create jobs.

Watch out for Wendy climbing aboard the next bandwagon that rolls through town.


colin riddell said...

Wendy has been a staunch supporter of the turtle and dugong Campaign I have been running since last august.
Right from the outset she has written to papers and spoken on radio about the issue and spoken to indigenous contacts she has.
BUT you , you wimp and your fellow members state and federal have not uttered a single word you gutless bunch.
So as for wendys political future who knows , they get you or her or someone else, at least she never asked me to help attack you as you did to her in company of Jim turnour at cazalys that night.

Bryan Law said...

Steve Wet 'n No Balls is a pathetic excuse for an MP. The ALP government he's part of isn't even a pathetic excuse - it's no excuse at all.

At least the Tories are honest in their business and social interests. While they follow the Agenda of Adam Smith, at least we know (and can respond to) how they'll act.

The ALP is an even worse right-wing government, which colonises the labour and social movements to disable them, and actively prevent the formation of community and social power. Do you think for one instant that an LNP government could have sold the railroads and forests for peanuts.

After so long in Parliament, Steve ought be able to point to his own positive achievements for his constituents. He can't.

Instead he makes a personal attack, and criticises Wendy for misquoting him. I'll bet she heard you accurately Steve, and just believes, like I do, that you're a professional liar of little substance.

Lee Stuart said...

Well said Laurel. Where is the debate by readers of this blog about the real issue - the need for social housing? I suspect Laurel is right. This blog is now just a forum for the petty minded but noisy red-neck minority who are not willing, or possibly able, to engage in intelligent discussion. You must be so proud Mike.

Clifton Ghost said...

As a resident of Northern Beaches and someone involved in local community issues, I have to make comment and correct Steve's image of himself......

Steve is all smoke and mirrors. Says one thing and does another, does not reply to emails, does not give you his opinion on your issue and you never know if he has forwarded your concerns/letters or not.

To correct Steve again, plenty of letters have been written asking for his assistance, but action and results have been almost non existent from Steve

One thing is for sure, Steve Wettenhall in his term/ALP in his term have not saved one creek, any vegetation, one wildlife corridor from developers (exception here was Jason O'brien who did something constructive about creek pollution at Paradise Palms, but hey that was 4 years ago) and was successful in getting a prosecution against Hedly through his efforts. Thank you Jason for that! Jason also put in a petition on our behalf over the loss of Upolu Esplanade.

Steve is a waste of space who will not rock the party boat, and I very much doubt that he will get in again at the next election. Most people I come across do not have anything positve to say about Steve, and the old saying that action speaks louder than words rings true in this case, and its actions that affect residents directly or our enviroment directly that counts Steve. Residents did vote for Steve at the last election, partly because of previous good represenation by Jason, but have been sadly let down by Steve, when they are now seeking his support or assistance in state related matters such as public housing, failure of government departments to uphold policy legislation when it comes to developers such as the case of Clifton Views, Argentea and the like. What have you done to assist the residents affected by Clifton Views Steve? What have you done to protect our creeks and vegetation Steve?

He is just a puppet and nothing more!

Wendy Richardson said...

Note for Steve ....

They're not 'bandwagons' Steve, they're called issues. And you can bet I will be on board most of them. How about you?

Interesting too that you denigrate yet again what your constituents are trying to say and diminish their concerns as'bandwagons'.