Monday 31 May 2010

Jim Turnour and a bishop, by any other name

Last week Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop made what I'd call a minor faux pas surrounding the suggestions fake Australian passports are in circulation.
Labor MPs scurried to the attack, along with our local Member for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour.
However Jim dobbed in Bronwyn Bishop, not Julie, before being corrected by a reporter.
Although I captured the exact second Jim realised his mistake in static photographic reality, you really need to watch the video from Weekend Sunrise's Riley diary to appreciate this Kodak moment...

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Rockguitarnow (via CairnsBlog YouTube) said...

Interesting. I would say at the very least, the Australian govt should levy a $20 million fine on Israel for its forging of the passports.

A heavy fine like that will make anyone there think twice about doing it again.

Also, I see on the wikapedia page that the Anonymous Harassment group hacked the Australian govt's website recently. I've done extensive investigations into the Anonymous group and it appears to be run by the big US banks, portions of the US govt, and other large corporations.