Thursday 6 May 2010

Telstra outage could be statewide

Since around 9am this morning, a significant outage of Telstra's mobile and communications network, has caused inconvenience.
Telstra Country Wide in Cairns said they are unsure how widespread the problem is.
"At this stage, we're unsure as to what the cause is, and I don't think the network is back up 100% yet," a spokesperson said. "We have another update at 1:30pm so will know more then."
"Telstra is working to fix issues with some of our radio network controllers in parts of Queensland this morning," Telstra spokesman Craig Middleton told iTnews.
Carl Butcher, who runs a Cairns-based computer business, says the issues started appearing from 5:15am this morning.
"People were reporting on the the internet forum site Whirlpool and Twitter that they were unable to send or receive calls or SMS messages," Carl Butcher says. "Unofficial reports claimed that four of Telstra's seven Radio Network Controllers were experiencing faults. Telstra was said to be working with its hardware vendor Ericsson to resolve the issue as a priority."
Butcher says the outage is affecting mainly the 3G data side of the network and users have reported that reverting back to the 2G GSM signal as a workaround until the problem is resolved."
Telstra expected the issue would be resolved around midday, however there is clearly problems still.
"In other news, my Optus mobile service hasn't missed a beat today," Carl Butcher says.

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