Thursday 6 May 2010

Kevin Byrne murdered?

Some cheeky CairnsBlog reader sent this doctored version of today's Cairns Post cover to me.

It depicts former Cairns mayor, Kevin Byrne, that the north's most incredible tabloid, drew an odd connection with to an event in Pakistan.

It made me wonder. Who would the suspects be?


shmant said...

Having him leave Cairns is just as good.

Bryan Law said...


KitchenSlut said...

I think via Cairnsblog we were the only people to raise concerns on the background of this opaque and murky 'Hong Kong' based group a year or more ago.

The Cairns Post questioned nothing and has seemingly only just discovered the Pakistani links which any google search would show included investment operations from Pakistan via Swiss bank accounts.

The Cairns developments have contentiously pushed the limits on planning regulations in both Smithfield and the City. The proposed City tower was non-sensically approved beyond height and zoning restrictions for the location.

Capital Globe also have fingers in the newish Avenue A Pizza on the corner of Shields and Abbott where diners can get a years worth of carbs and fat in next to no time.

At least the Compost managed to find a photo of Shaqui Haque and I wonder if we will see this in an advertisement with the tag "never know who you will see at Villa Romana"?

Samuel Peters - Lake Street said...

Here's some suggestions....

- The Russian Oil Slick Clean up Commission
- The PNG Tourism Association
- The Alan Blake Fan Club (both of them)
- Most of Clifton Beach residents
- Cyclists
- Blogs that start with the letter "C"
- Lesbian wife jokes
- Asian High-rise warloads
- Cr Robert Pyne
- Annette Shephard
- Cultural waterfront proponents
- Neighbours of Whitfield
- Historian Dr Timothy Bottoms
- Gary Scofield and Associates
- LNP selectors
- The Salad and Fresh Juice Bar at Cairns Central

Tony Hillier said...

Ooooh, Samuel please don't forget Barfly. The old blowie was Major Crash & Burn's bete noire for many years. Indeed, we were the proud recipients of a stern advisory letter from his solicitors, Sue Grabbit & Run, warning us to watch our step. The galloping Major/Mayor once held up a copy during a Council meeting as if he were holding doggy poo, and referred to it as "this scurrilous organ". Those were the days, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Barfly PLEASE. As for "scurrilous organs", this is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black...

mactime said...

Kitchenslut you are a fool. If you were so aware of CG's background why didn't you report it to ASIC or some other authority.
And tony hiller, you need to move with the times. This ageing hippy act is wearing thin, like Tony Abbott's hairline. If things were so great back then, why don't you move to Herberton or some other place stuck in the 70s. Move with the times, "man". MAC TIME

Steve's Job Boy said...

Wish I could be as cool and witty, hip and gen y like you mactime. But alas I must be on my iPads.

KitchenSlut said...

Mactime you are both a fool and illiterate. I did not say I was aware of the backround or that there was anything relevant to report to ASIC. I have never suggested there is anything relevant to the Australian jurisdiction of ASIC.

I said the background of GC and it's identities were 'opaque and murky'with some curious businesses in places such as Islamabad. Do you know what opaque means? What is not known orunderstood is frequently as interesting as what is known, or is that too zen for you?

This opacity and the Pakistan background was what was posted by commentators here at Cairnsblog a year ago and what was only this week looked at by the Compost who have previously just regurgitated PR spin. Buy a dictionary mactime and learn to use it.

Anonymous said...

Mactime, you are just jealous of us ageing hippies, because you will NEVER have as much fun as we did, you will NEVER listen to as much good innovative music as we did and you will NEVER be able to travel the way we did. Sorry "man", but you just completely and utterly missed out. I'd rather be stuck in the 70's than in the dull and beige 90's or the paranoid noughties!!!

Ed in Edge Hill said...


Read up on the 'net about the "Avenue A" Pizza scam. It has about as much to do with NY as John Mackenzie has to do with real hair.

As a former resident of NYC, the pizza here can only be described as vile.

a conspiracy theory said...

I see in other comments that Val had problems getting to Europe and seems to have disappeared somewhere in the interim? So where was she? Did she drop off in Hong Kong or Islamabad? And where was Kevin Byrne?? You know it makes sense!!

CBD Warrior said...

So these dead Capital Globe guys also owned Avenue A? Like Ed, I tried it once and would bet offended New Yorkers whacked them just for this food abomination.

Shal Vier said...

Sorry, conspiracy theory , Shit missed!obviously had the wrong glasses on, should have borrowed mine.

restauranteur said...

I murdered Kevin Byrne. Business is slack and I just couldn't afford anymore to keep up the supply of free red wine and pasta.

closet lesbian said...

I murdered Kevin Byrne in a fit of insane jealousy and lust for his wife. How could she prefer that to me?

Alan Blake said...

I murdered Kevin Byrne because I just couldn't take his unkempt appearance, his arrogant and insulting manner, and his total inability to understand or express humanity.

That and the fact that he was still more popular than me.

man on grassy knoll said...

I murdered
Kevin Byrne because I had
A clear shot
And couldn't think
Why not?

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

Whilst Kevin Byrne was claiming in Saturday's Cairns Post that he would not make any comments to them over the murder of his colleagues because the Post was "out to get him", he also criticised their coverage and the choice of photographs etc.

Meanwhile, he is singing like the proverbial canary to another media source, namely Gavin King - yesterday's Sunday Mail page 5!

Kevin knows how to play the game, only when the game does not go to his plan, Kevin changes horses.

Just like he did when Kerry Ann Stout (ex Cairns Post reporter) started digging into his dodgy affaris with developers about 5 years ago. Suddenly, she left the Cairns Post and rumour at the time was that KB had influeced the then senior management to dispense with her services. And since that time until now, we have only had Kevin's side of every story.

Had a good laugh though, cos cheeky Gav even published the front cover of the Cairns Post with the photo of KB NOT so looking his best!!!!

M Cochrane said...

I murdered Kevin Byrne because junior soccer is far more important than junior cricket and this is the most important issue our community faces. In fact,I would call it the great moral issue of our time.

Rudd's Deceased said...

As a fiscal conservative I can only agree that I am a meaningless turd with no meaning to anyone other than myself?! I say if it moves then tax it!