Monday 3 May 2010

Why are the unions funding the government they are protesting against?

Griffith University graduate Kate Pasfield, asks why the Rail Tram and Bus Union is donating over $90,000 to the Labor party, the very organisation they are aghast at over asset sales in Queensland.

This is how much the RTBU declared in electoral donations to the ALP. It's a bloody good question.

The Electoral Commission Queensland's official figures show that unions gave over $2.8 million in donations and supporting campaigns to the last election of the Bligh State Labor Government. Here's the full list...

  • AWU $560,055
    CFMEU $378,493
    SDAE $324,016
    LHMU $301,534
    CEPU $199,498
    ASU $193,866
    AMWU $153,908
    QNU $119,703
    RTBU $90,003
    TWU $88,364
    AMIEU $70,261
    CPSU $64,598
    NUW $49,108
    FIU $40,543
    FSU $33,104
    BLF $29,958
    ASU-Rail $21,077
    UFU $18,300
    AFULE $16,685
    ETU $15,000
    MUA $13,983
    QCU $10,038
    ARTBU $4,000
    AIMPE $3,796
    QTU $1,650
    QIEU $1,650
    PTEU $1,000


interested ? said...

Over to you richie?

Richie sucks thats why said...

easy - because the likes of Richie Bates are all talk and no action. The reality is they don't represent their members - they just want a shot at being the next ALP grub MP

Bryan Law said...

Much of the Labour movement is unable to concieve of voting OUT a Labor government, because they cannot come at giving brother Abbott, or Comrade Warren a go.

The Parliamentary wing understands this, and treats the worker with contempt. Delivering key job after key job to compliant and greedy lackeys (Nuttall, O'Brien, Bligh) who believe the fruits of power are best enjoyed when they come from the corporate sector.

At Labour Day today I talked to many grass-roots unionists who at best will refrain from working for the Party in the foreseeable. Those holding office or influence were embarrassed to be seen with me in public, and had nothing to say.

That's why I say the removal of Turnour, O'Brien, and Wettenhall will take much hard work from those of us committed to the reformation of the ALP back into a workers' tool.

Disenchanted said...

I joined the union a couple of years ago over an issue that was threatening my work conditions in a government department. Many joined at that time.

The Union, did absolutely zero, zip, zilch for us, and would not even speak to me on the telephone when I repeatedly tried to get some feedback after the event.

The consequence, I left the Union and will never join another again!

They are a useless pack of shites!

Richie said...

In the wake of Bligh's committment to Asset Sales, the RTBU passed a resolution at their state council to halt donations to ALP.
I should know, I voted for it.
The 90k is an outdated national figure.

But don't forget i am paying my membership to the ALP.

Because I'd rather be in the ring taking up the fight than standing on the outside anonymously blogging for the LNP.

Thanks for the airtime...

Wendaway said...

That's an interesting comment, Bryan, "those of us committed to the reformation of the ALP back into a workers tool". You were including yourself?

I would have thought those working hardest to preserve any shred of this in the ALP machine were the members and unionists. You would have noticed from your viewing point yesterday the dirth of members supporting our parliamentary representatives, up against those rallying around their protesting unions.

I do still say bad as they are, deaf as they are to reality, the ALP are better than the alternative.

It is always easier to protest against from the outside than to attempt to alter from within, to be creatively constructive than to deconstruct.

Bryan Law said...

Wendaway and Richie. I've heard your song before. Problem is that you're wrong.

The ALP is practised and effective at gagging and disabling those members "on the inside" - unless what you're inside of is the kitchen Cabinet, or one of the powerful administrative committees. Can you honestly say the contemporary ALP is in any way democratic?

Also could you please show a little respect for the voters in this country and rise above the mantra about the opposition being a great big boogey man about to devour your children? Really, that's insulting.

The LNP is a dishonest right-wing cabal out of power. The ALP is a dishonest right-wing cabal in power. As a citizen I say something needs to change, and nothing will change inside the ALP while good folk like yourselves fail to cut out the cancer.

Talk's cheap.

Richie said...

Thanks Bryan,

That is a fair comment, talk is cheap.

But i have heard your song too - "Golden Tiara" and it was not the hit single that you promised either.

The fact is, unions can and do make a difference.

As i am sure you are able to do on occasions.

Hope you enjoyed yourself at the Queensland Council of Unions organised Labour day.

Lyan Braw said...

Perhaps Bryan can inform us of his efforts so far to reform the Labor Party?

All I've seen him do is paint tiaras and jump in the Inlet ... oh, and whinge.

Murray said...

Happy to accept the wages and conditions won by a union, but only want to join up when they are under threat. Then resign when it does not go your way.

Disenchanted you are a scab. No wonder you won't fess up with your real name.

CBD Warrior said...

Stuart "doubletalk" Traaill was on the radio this AM doing his shtick about not supporting the Labor government at the election due to the asset sales. And here we have the ETU giving these Labor weasels money.

You can't be "Labor" unless you talk out both sides of your arse.

QTU Member said...

Couldn't have said it better Murray. Don't you love it when a union fights for something that a majority of its members believe in often losing days of pay for their efforts. Then these sods sit back and lap up the rewards. You never hear them saying they won't accept union negotiated awards for 'moral' reasons. Blood sucking parasites have more more honour.

Stuey Traill said...

CBD Warrior,
Those donations were made prior to Privatisation hitting the floor.
Any donation was voted on by rank and file members. The ETU did donate money based on non privatisation promises but we won't whilst the privatisation of assets is on the agenda.
We are still a labor affiliated union because that decision was made by rank and file members in May 2009 prior to the announcement to Privatise.
Affiliation will be debated at the ETU biannial branch conference next year.
You should listen to all the comments and get all the facts instead of the bits you want to hear.

KitchenSlut said...

While maintaining my usual scepticism of Stuey Traill I'm confused by CBD Warrior?

Particularly the reference to a capability to talk from both sides of an arse? Checking anatomical references there are indeed two sides as I had suspected from manual exploration over some years however 'talking' capability seems in my own experience, and confirmed by cited journals, to be restricted in typical humans to a single central source?

Just what kind of alien in our midst is CBD Warrior? Mind you ..... i reckon Stuey is more than a bit alien too and Ritchie is suss!

radarz said...

Listen genius ones, the Cairns preselection will be Beer v Traille and it doesnt matter how much squealing they do about privatisation, they will still sing Solidarity Forever all the way into Labor HQ.

Richie said...

thanks KS, I will take that as compliment coming from you

Stuey Traill said...

Ktchen Slut,
I don't know about alien but you would definately have to be wierd to keep bashing your head against the wall with these pollies.
Alien is definately not the worst thing I have been called lately.
I would prefer to be called an alien than a poltician.

KitchenSlut said...

All Cairnsblog readers should consider how this new affliction of 'two-arsed' alien speakers affects themselves?

Until there is further incoming confirmation I will diligently maintain my tin-foil hat in place and contemplate Zen and Stupidity!?

Bryan Law said...

Richie said “But I have heard your song too - "Golden Tiara" and it was not the hit single that you promised either.”

Did anyone else notice how quickly the discussion turned from ALP politics to personal criticism?

Or a cyber-stalker’s “All I've seen him do is paint tiaras and jump in the Inlet ... oh, and whinge.”

Both these people ought be aware that they themselves have noticed and were influenced by the Golden Tiara election tactic.

It cost less than $100 to instigate. Became an issue in the state election, with local, state, and national reporting. It forced Desley to answer questions about the Yacht Club, and it still exists today more than a year later as a stimulus to public discussion. Not bad for $100.

I predict that Desley will change her mind about the compensation – within 3 months. A local charity will get $400.

Anyone with commitment to truth can hold the ALP accountable to some degree. Imagine if all of us did it!

etu forever said...

personal criticism?????

you are kidding, harden up

Here we go again, "I predict"!
I can recall you predicting Desleys loss at last years election too.

Lyan Braw said...

"Both these people ought be aware that they themselves have noticed and were influenced by the Golden Tiara election tactic."

Actually, I heard about it from your pathetic little whinge to Desley Boyle.

Bryan Law said...

Thankyou Lyan - as I said you noticed it.

I spent three hours outside Desley's office today, spruiking a line that "The Labor Party is Evil. Not just stupid and vindictive. Evil!"

About one third of passers by agreed.

The ALP, in power one day. KRuddless the next.
See ya Jimbo!

colin riddell said...

Brian this is your last warning! STOP WRITING WORDS I AGREE WITH !

Rene said...

Yes, I was aware of the "Golden Tiara" campaign. Although I don't know if there is really too much to brag about here. Influential?
I guess it could be influential in the way that a teenage boy entertains his peers by lighting his own farts.
But look, Bryan seems a pretty harmless type to me. He obviously likes the attention, so let him do his "influential" thing while we comically watch his political gas burn and fade.

Bryan Outlaw said...

I stood outside Black & White taxi for three minutes this arvo, spruiking a line that "Bryan Law is evil. Not just stupid and lazy and a serial pest, but evil".

Everyone agreed.

Lyan Braw said...

"Bryan Law said...

Thankyou Lyan - as I said you noticed it."

No Bryan, I didn't notice it, but I noticed your pathetic little whinge, if that makes you feel good, so be it, little things and little minds .....

Leuco Gaster said...

Bryan, for God's sake give it a rest. This tedious business is just like ever other drama you've concocted over too many years - you indulge in some crass, counterproductive, attention-seeking stunt, then argue and protest interminably. To no effect! You don't contribute anything useful to the good causes you espouse.

Bryan Law said...

Sorry Colin, I don't know why I say agreeable things - and am therefore unable to change it.

As for those well-known community identities, leuco gaster, Lyin Braw, UTU Forever and Bryan Outlaw - well their eloquence and rational arguments have persuaded me to desist from foolish efforts to make a difference, and lapse back into the sheep-like being our governments prefer.


I'll never stick up for myself, my family, my community or my country ever again!

colin riddell said...

Brian Law
Don't you dare stop the gutless indentities that hide behind their cloak of fear only have a secretive view.
Most of the time I want to hurl you into trinity inlet but you have the right to protest , you just keep doing what you believe in as I do stuff them.
The only reason those weak gutless people attack you , me , stuey ,and others is because we put our names on our post , do it to our face jellyfish behind the keypad.
Watch the jerks launch another spineless tirade now hhaaaaaaaa

beachman said...

I dont think you have ever stuck up for your country other than whinge. Those that really do something for thier country like serve in the military, ambos etc have no respect for people like you belittle their efforts at every chance.

Bryan Outlaw said...

Yo Beachman,

You're right on the money! Bryan Law is unpatriotic about his own country, hates most of the others, and hasn't done anything his sad fat useless life other than sponge off those that gave him freedom and liberty.

To the Cyber-Stalkers said...

I love youse all! U R so cute!

colin riddell said...

HOW FUNNY BRYAN i Insult the nameless gutless wonders and they attack you , hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa made my fat-erday hhhaaaaa.
Probably know you are a good god botherer , I think satan was my dad hhaaaaaaaaaaa